By Victorious Allah

kv timingiseverythingStraight out of Detroit this rising star Kid Vishis is letting people know he’s not playing with his long awaited debut album Timing Is Everything.  A younger brother of MC Royce 5’9”.  Vishis came up rhyming in his family’s basement, having freestyle sessions while in high school and attending open mic nights. Through the streets talking his older brother found out and took him along to see what talent he had in 2003.

Heaven” bangs with a beat that’s a very high paced tempo with Vishis’ creative flows energetically delivered with furious rhymes like, “Jesus in a boxing match/ you’ll be stuck in a cross nigga…they say build and destroy, time to tear that down…” Another great song is “Coward” with a driving bassline buzz produced by Chase Moore. Kid Vishis goes in saying, “new niggaz dressing like women/ acting like that’s fresh/young thugs got so much to ad-dress.” The brother goes in.

Talk Behind My Back” has Chase Moore drop a guitar flow and chaotic drums as Vishis verses, “like a crip set watch your boys, run like dipo set and I’m on a war path/so talk cash/ when I pass/ with your soft ass/ get your tux smashed/ and I have a guy pump/ fill you up like he pump gas…” “In Yo Face,” has Nemisis drop a jumpy club beat but far from what you would expect. Kid Vishis goes in by saying, “listen to the growth of the most high/ spokes guy/ I won’t lie/ I aint the best dressed but my bars is Gucci/you computer thugs go somewhere and slap box with your laptop…”

The whole album is a battle rapper gem with builds against the wack and the fake.  The Kid is not to pass by.  He’s ready and letting his thoughts and pen fly, letting us know that timing just might be everything.