By Victorious Allah

An MC born and raised in Detroit, Kid Vishis is an up and coming rapper who is a dedicated and smart individual, who now with his debut solo album Timing Is Everything is taking Hip Hop by storm. This album is his first but definitely an instant gem. I got the privilege to hear some of this MC’s thoughts on his upbringing, inspirations and the state of Hip Hop…

Kid Vishis 2014 09 18Victorious: What’s up?! What’s good?

Kid Vishis: Alright, how you doing?

Victorious: Good, alright. I want to thank you for taking the time out to do this interview.

Kid Vishis: Thanks for having me. My pleasure.

Victorious:  First off, how was your childhood growing up in Detroit?

Kid Vishis: That’s a good question, because it might have been a little different for me because I had both my parents. A lot of people have their father or you know certain issues. I mean we had issues but it wasn’t from our parents being separate. Their issues were just from being with each other, whatever they stuck it out.  See that’s the thing. I don’t know if I was lucky or not, because the people I was around didn’t have that. So my family was okay but they were no joke you hear. They didn’t play around not even a little bit.  So yeah.

Victorious: Ok cool. So what made you gravitate towards Hip Hop?

Kid Vishis: It was my brothers, like especially Royce. He would bring home underground artists and play them for people before they got big.  He would bring home like all these different type of lyrical guys. East coast west coast down south it didn’t matter.  He would always find the best guys. Obviously that influenced Royce. I remember Royce brung home Redman and this is how I got introduced to it. These guys were having a ball. They looked cool, having fun, and making money. That was motivation for me.

Victorious:  That’s peace. How did you become an mc?

Kid Vishis: Man when I first started writing, I just decided to try it one day and it just seemed like something to do.  I remember when I start writing I looked at my brother in law and was curious to see if I could do it. People were hearing me and saying he’s nice. Once you start hearing people, they gravitate towards you because of your abilities.  So when they hear you rapping its like, I wasn’t paying you no attention.  Before but now it’s like you nice you got talent.

Victorious:  That’s peace. How did you and Royce start getting on tracks?

kv timingiseverythingKid Vishis:  Aw man he was like nah not my brother. [laughs] Cause you see I was a basketball player so my brother took me too the studio one day and made me prove myself, asked me to rap.  He put me in the booth and put on the beat and asked me to rap.  I went in there and closed my eyes, you know and I unleashed. When he heard me he knew I had talent but I needed a lot of polishing up. He felt like he could help polish me up and get me recording.

Victorious: Yeah, ok so what artists do you get inspired by or would like to work with past or present.   Who would you think was or is a real influence?

Kid Vishis: Um, all the real influences to me are older than me. Basically the classic spitters.  Like Jay-z, NaS, you know Big L, Jadakiss you know guys like that.  Cannabis is another guy who was at that time considered invincible because he was so superior lyrically to what everybody else was doing.

Victorious: Definitely. All awesome stuff. So what was the determined idea or point you wanted to get across when you started rapping?

Kid Vishis: I don’t know.  I got this thing where I just want to to have people hear me rap, yo.  I mean people in rap feel like they have to act how to rap and put on this whole circus show.  You feel like they have to rap a certain way, dress, get a haircut it shouldn’t be like that. I was raised like it’s about skills and lyrics.

Victorious: Who would you like to collaborate with?

Kid Vishis: Definitely eminem, Nas and my homeboy from Detroit. He’s nice too. I would collaborate with them.

Victorious: Ha, anyway I would like to thank you again for your time, and John too for connecting us.  Peace.

Kid Vishis: Thanks for having me. Anytime. Peace.