A circle’s a cipher and a cipher’s surroundings sound from now ‘til no end. Turning and learning, reversing and conversing all back to the origin with no beginning.  The cipher gets deeper, the pace goes back to go forward, samples of supremacy out of crates of errors and vocals forward to write a history.  The Master of the Ceremony stays in the center, profound in equality, a Son of Man, the supreme being alone with the microphone.  Another generation, another child of God’s MCing, G.C., with the declaration absolute with Don’t Sleep On Me.

An MC with a developed character and distinct persona who takes moments from the world he seeks to save to proclaim his illness.  While last year’s Forever EP (#ArtOnArt #ScienceOnMusic Review HERE) was a brief manifesto on the warrior orating verses, Don’t Sleep On Me infuses the manifesto commentary with personal battle bars that reveal cleverness, the bloodlines of NYC mettle all becoming a clear plus lesson on who he really is. Plus lessons to add because Godz Chyld established a spiritual voice, from the school of Hell Razah, with a tone of clarity, a demand for the better in us to become and matching tracks yet where are the weapons that were used to make this MCing a forum for greater ideals?  And so Don’t Sleep On Me, G.C. focuses on explaining himself as the God, because he is Godz Chyld, without mystery, a real, living man that is composing his own creations. The weapons revealed here then are the skill sets, not just the conscious state advocated and righteous hopes for humanity.  The skill sets are an emphasis on powered clarity.  As with the title track, a boom heavy track with a long snare and digitized sounds and horns that give a loud treble to the effects, G.C. shows a vigor in loudness and precision with enunciation clear and precise.  It gets distinct with St. Peter’s offering of thickened bass and steady break on “GC” where he cleverly depicts the convo as “They say, ‘nigga, what’s your name?’/ I say, ‘I be the God.’  They say, ‘what’s your aim?’/ I say, ‘I wouldn’t even bother to explain/I’m just the illest nigga you heard trying to fuck up this game/ I be Godz Chyld,/ and it’s all wild/all styles/inside of this man’s called out…”  The declaration becomes a prelude to the manifesto St. Peter helms with a beautifully pensive provoking stringed backdrop on a complex break normally uptempo slowed down.  The effect is a head nodder that lets the mind drift and all that’s left is G.C. to set a standard to what he will not be oppressed by.  Building, “I use my pennies and change/ to try to make a change/I’m trying to get a raise/niggas got me in a cage…I only got my voice/I only got the poise/to control/to go inside and make it home/because if you never really tried then you never really now..”

The inspirational essence of G.C.’s musical purpose continues to emanate but now there is a display of the mettle that fires it all.  The perfect beatmaker for such a message to be strongly expressed is Wisemen’s Bronze Nazareth and with “If Not,” a simple thud bassdrum led break with a melodically mooded vocal hook and distant horns, G.C. rhymes at an excellent upper mid-tempo speed that lets him spill an anthem.  The major portion of the EP ends with “World’s Your’s” with an acoustic guitar loop from C-rius Touch where G.C. reveals a cleverness for relevant metaphor and clever wordplay (“it’s my movie and I produce it as it comes/it’s independently made with no shit/ and I don’t gotta follow the script/it’s not tricks/up my sleeve, nigga there’s no rips/but rest in peace to the beat…).   The bonus joints become crucial as continuing this awakening to his technical skill that is as prominent as his content’s quality.  Leading with “100 Barz,” the tempered breath control, the exceptional fluidity and the maintaining of crafty lines and relating his thematic reality as a builder while being a straight up MC was really needed in his early catalog.  All the bonuses produced by Pre, there is a consistent smack drum Boom Bap, some are styles that miss (the high hat ticky “My Zone”) while most are as ill as the prime cuts from Jordan River Banks, St. Peter and the Bronze man.  Very digital but with unique musical notes as the occasioned cymbal crashes and the piano note smash on “Dusk Til’ Dawn” or the slow tempo stomp of “Apollo Creed” that really lets G.C. slow flow a battle metaphor lovely.  Closing with “The God,” a track with strong drum work but cliché digital sonics, G.C. still affirms his identity nicely.

G.C. [GODZ CHYLD] – DON’T SLEEP ON ME EP ReviewAn identity the Bible notes as the Son of Man, the cipher’s one to the two and three, there’s a revolution of truth in a name.  The Son, like the Sun powers, is the essence of rebirth and Man is mind itself so God, the supreme being, is the endless rebirth of man.  The Son of Man as God is literally the child of God that becomes the Man who has a child that will be the Man.  A revolving cipher, the reality of the Son of Man.  The cipher, the reality where the MC shares his deepest jewels but when the Son of Man is on the mic, creation is created.  Godz Chyld, with the most high name, honorably succeeds in awakening us to his mic techs that carry his powerful manifestos.

Twitter Handle:  @G_Cee_