EFF YOO - PAPA DIOS LP ReviewViolence is more than a situation. It’s the culture of mashed puzzles. There is a way that secretes when the people won’t live the way. Like Confucius’ warning about the mean man, the supreme man gets into tussles with the mean motherfucka that muzzles others’ muscles for his hustles.  The cipher too round for him to rewind and refine the revisions that make a renaissance of a life. So then the pieces get chipped and the work to fit understanding right and exact into the puzzles of progress are shaved away. The peace of the puzzle that makes this great Art of Life is pieced away in the violent act. And we are left with pieces that don’t fit the times and the joy of chimes is replaced with ringing heads struck by dozens of dimes.  Changed for the worst.

So now, Papa Dios is a fathering of songs embracing charred and chipped puzzles and sacred scuffles into wax a wonderfully contradictory creativity.  Coming in the name of Eff Yoo, the hell is peace and the violence of viciousness are pieces embraced and paraded around stanzas.  Broken Home’s Eff Yoo MCs with the most evil intentions and Papa Dios becomes a brief banger of holy Hip Hop MC lyricism.  The more evil that Eff Yoo rhymes, the more fucks that he refuses the iller his lyricism, turning violence into the most peace of Hip Hop purity.

Chicago’s Rediculous produces the short work with precision, the toughest drums and engaging melodic loops, hooks and chops that is the revingorated Boom Bap we expect from the Broken Home Crew works.  Just as with Eff Yoo’s last work, Legend of the Gnome Sword, the beat selection is strong in its diversity.  There is the soulful loop of “The Trouble Child” over a crisp ideal break with these tough reboot bass drums punctuating throughout.  On it, Eff Yoo brutally defines the sinful smoothness, “Second place?/What the fuck is second place?!/I’d rather bash my own brother in the fucking face/ before I’m second place/ So who’s the rabbit in the fucking race?/I crack the turtle shell in half/ and stomp his body into tomato paste/I’ll never know the way defeat tastes/It’s no good guys here/my father thinks I’m a disgrace/See, but sharks are born swimming/and I was born winning/my father fell for women/my mother was a swindler/and nice guys finish last/see who laughs last/man plans, God laughs/and I’ll let you do the math/if you ain’t standing with me then you tasting my wrath/and if you think I’m living righteous, then you kissing my ass..”  By the end of Aye Wun’s second verse, the MCing elevates further with a dynamic back and forth bar for bar between Eff and Aye.  The beautiful classical Hindu guitar chimes on “Lust in Eden” environment the exoticness and Eff Yoo seduces the next female lovely.  Carmen Indhira sultry spoken word that drifts her into song is gorgeous as her cadence is always at the right tempo and intensity.  Indhira doesn’t just guest wail but gives the song its entire aura while the verses supplement the rest of the visuals portraited.

EFF YOO - PAPA DIOS LP ReviewEff Yoo’s charisma is in his morbid wit delivered in the most deliberately monotone of distinct articulation.  The rock funk of “The Truth,” he violates victims with, “A Knight Templar on the prowl looking for sinners/Ding! We found a winner/put your hands together and let us pray…” to the second verse with, “internet grinding/rock a crowd in absentia/slightly demented and diagnosed/but I’ve never been tested/you’re synthetic/I’m physical mescaline…I’m flyer than Ali Baba wilding on flying carpets/my closet is a caveat of secret monsters/and broken bones/I’m Broken Home/I need a fucking sponsor/twelve steps away from attaining a higher conscious…”  The tinkering horror genre bells of “Abaddon” introduce a wildly ill use of chaotic high hats that are long tisks that make a cryptic break melody.  This is supreme beat work many MCs would be overwhelmed by to rhyme over.  But here Eff Yoo naturally goes in, “Just woke a sleeping giant/a seething tyrant/you just took a stick and poked it at a sleeping lion/I breath screams and dream violence/I eat shit and drink crying/you must be death’s defiant/ where I’m from death’s wishes get granted…”

Eff Yoo’s wordplay is based on a dynamic vocabulary that gives him complete freedom to explore his cleverness. Within the theme, his hardcore verses are a righteous Hip Hop in fulfilling the Art right but it also allows him to let loose aggression. So many times the most charade of religiosity and piety is a disgust that it deserves its placement as the perfect forum for the therapeutic aggression of the MC.  This is where Eff Yoo excels and as with his earlier recordings, there is still so much more that Eff Yoo. For now, Eff Yoo’s Papa Dios uses an exploded church as the booth and re-pieces the peace of mic control that furthers the Broken Home legacy and adds another rugged pillar to his catalog.  That’s real peace Almighty.