The GOAT argument is often for those with all of the tools that include track versatility (today the error is in emphasizing the sellout club track as a point in that ranking), charisma, inflections, etc.  However, the two most important attributes may be lyrical content and uniqueness of voice.  With GZA’s deep tone that covers a track and lyrical content that is supreme in wordplay, word choices, complex topics and intricate structure he easily can be argued as the most lyrical MC of all time.  As GZA continues to teach the babies and many of his best rare verses this decade on cosmology, here is another proof of that supremacy.

“Planetary Energy” is the third single off of the third Converse CONS compilation, CONS EP Vol. 3. The music was recorded and produced by Sweet Valley, and the vocals were written and recorded by GZA at the Converse Rubber Tracks Studio in Brooklyn, NY.