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The knowledge of self is the world’s most ignored necessity.  Throughout the last 6000 years, only the oldest of men, prevailing honorably and virtuously through the most difficult chambers, reach it.  In 1964 New York city, the knowledge of self, that the Original man is simply the Almighty became a teaching, simply shared, to the young.  This man, Allah, the Father of the 5% Nation of Gods and Earths would massively influence and propel the foundation of all of Hip Hop’s lyrical musical content and broader cultural structure and principles (i.e. Creativity and Originality).

Today, niggas are many and Gods are few. Even in the incredible underground cipher we fight to find and works to mine open to you, this most high revolution in Hip Hop–the knowledge of self–is a mere trivial fact.  To let skilled rappers and even gifted MCs get by and place their concerns in a context and framework.  As a 5%er, one of the Gods of the Nation of Gods and Earths, who has taught at it’s first school for over 15 years, it is peace to see the talented young emerge daringly, non-didactically and skillfully build blatantly on wax.

Allah Preme, an MC with a very smooth cadence with a veteran’s comfort in the tempo, is developing his talents at a fast rate.  On this song feature for “Kingdom” over Common’s instrumental of the same name, reveals his ability to bring immediate logic and insight with a calm ferocity.  Having heard many of his tracks working with producer Inf Mega (who is also a skilled director/producer who mans the Allah School in Mecca YouTube video page) their works have great promise with an innovative producer making hardcore Hip Hop with unique drum work and classical Boom Bap elements.  Allah Preme is an MC to build about who’s building…