Fresh on the bar is how he defeated all of his youth so it no longer can leave with the fiends of ignorance and the soldiers of savagery. Ravaged skin never crumpled and facial proportions never expanded via the deflation of daring and the crumbling of ideas. Aging in the fifteen minute stage because the album sequencing belonged to the patterns of the punk sensations, the cream of the planet Earth was the ointment, nutritional stanzas the young can revolve around to healed musicality. To compose works altering the punctuations in the key of #PrettyHiccup was the way. Sampling the snares that ensnare the trappas, a camouflage of fatigued charts, the wronged snares on the righter verses. The young prince forgoes his kingship of commercial kingdoms, walking the lands with the people, sharing precocious sutras as a one man break army. Raz Fresco, a young brother beginning to immortalize himself with his debut LP, Pablo Frescobar.

The young God, out of Toronto, Canada is a pure stylist MC who self produces an entire album of nearly every beat type to display all the techniques.  Each track is co-signed to a subject or theme but an essence of style that focuses his inflections, pauses, exclamations and punctuated words into a brilliant subtlety of intelligence and depth that lingers more with each listen.  Often, the young MC, late teens or just turned wisdom cipher as Raz, uses sloppy styles, over enunciating and resetting (ughh –uhh-ugghh-uhhh…) to dress verses that are weak and have zero replay value without the hoe clad visuals.  For Raz, the mic is a way to funnel his energy as he self-produces the music that will ignite his intensity and direct his ideas.  As on “Warning Shots (Murda),” he goes through his automatic/autocratic verse acapella, a fiery homonym laced wordplay that introduces his bassline drums and his looped monotone hums and drops jewels in a style that makes them sound like bedazzled and bejeweled rapper of the bewildered Billboard ripped it, versing “So many lives lost over live wars/be a king, nigga, not a fool/use your mind more/24-7 on my grizzy til my eye sour/be a queen for me/pop that pussy for me/when behind doors/gotta learn about the dark side so you shine more/higher source/I just tap in so I’m fly, of course…” To then have the beat switch up to a drawn out bassline press and a sharp and slowed classic break where he slows the rhyme to a chant and builds in a grinding tempo, “every young black nigga is, wanted dead or alive, ugh/ None of my cats got 9 lives, ugh/I been the illest since 9-5/They plotting on me plotting homicide, ugh/ its cuz they infinite greed/breed/ limitless schemes/weaved intricately, ugh wow/that’s why I dillinger thieve from the elite/cause they do it in the middle East…”

RAZ FRESCO – PABLO FRESCOBAR LP ReviewThe styles are upheld musically for a thematic sound that is only made cohesive by Fresco’s MCing.  Fresco is literally making an album to prove his is a Master of all track Ciphers.  “Up North” fills the space with light tones and a very sparse drum slap and distant bass drums that hang.  All of which let him weave between verses that are spitfire in up tempo pacing while the choruses can be chanted in a slow groove achieving the anthem for his region.  Fresco also works track types that suck for 99% of rappers as “Down” with a lonely bass drum and snares occasionally snaring to make the trapped slow flow.  Still, his MCing is clever, filled with perfect syllable syncopation which serves as the rhythm that isn’t really there.    A stylist disguising a serious content and unlike most of today’s youngest MCs, whose styles are often angst ridden and pathetically emotional, Raz is solution filled after sharing the vivid details of the transgressions he hells through to right.  The lyricism strikes from tracks as  “All Eye See” and its layering to the smooth, shrewd word choices of “Scarface Villas,” the MC chronicling of “Come and See Ya Nigga” to the the incredible LP closing verse of “Equinox” with another ill young MC, Bishop Nehru, where he builds, “Life changes/life stages/surrounded by devils and danger/ against my nature/ I release the anger/Through the paper/ to make the hall/ that make the hall/ of famer/Play the game or you get played/ a player peep the sega/Genesis of this no beginning or end to this/Metamorph the intelligence, see me one with the elements/Out of waters of melanin to this body I settled in/Everlasting life through the seed I plant the essence in/What you listen to the messenger or messages/Me I peep the wisdom in and in between the sentences cause/Phony men, pull ya energy like scorpion to suffer here/But they know who been the G on they compass square/I got the vision 360 ecliptic/Build with my son cuz I see the sun in him/But mental poison in they denims/Go with the times or your times ending/As above so below seen hell to find heaven, yes its/Same shit up there is down here man, you know?”

RAZ FRESCO – PABLO FRESCOBAR LP ReviewThe cleverness in lyrical approach ultimately lets Fresco immediately engage us with the solution of knowledge of self on “4daGodz” where he builds, “Niggas need to know we Gods in the flesh…” in a slow flow tempo.  Yet, the life tales and dropping jewels switch to a more amplified illness where he flows, “Sometimes I feel like a nigga ain’t good enough/Paint art but these niggas dont look enough/Single parent home moms ain’t cook enough/Use to sell weed but i didn’t push enough…” on “Influenza.”  Raz often will layer his verses in repetition, as here with the rhyming word, or punctuate a gesture (“ughh”) or drop a myriad of dynamic inflections.  No two songs are even remotely similar in sound and any song serves as the growing proofs of an abnormally seasoned MC.  Fit to rhyme on his thickest basslines (“Cortez Nikes”), his aural art pieces of cascading sounds and cymbal smashes and stuttered drums (“Live from Hades, Blood of Slaves”) or the doubled Boom Bap, ticking drum work (“Another Nigga”), the majority of great MCs of this era would not be able to make good songs out of such varied chaos. Most literally would choose not to.

The complete portrait of Pablo Frescobar is the paint of nearly every single musical sound Hip Hop has ever imagined thrown on the canvas for bars.  All to have the young God easily breeze through each style of song with a hundred of his own on the mic.  The future of Raz Fresco has so many possibilities that a debut as this is only an amazing testament to massive potential, a most rare of debuts as most good to great MCs develop this technical variety as veterans.  With socially aware content and a spiritual science in solution, many enjoyed listens to decode the wealth of technique, cleverness and insight is mandatory.

Imagine a man born to question, phrasing his inquisitiveness into inquisitions of the weak, wack and thus wicked with styles.  Befriending eyes to listen with cadences that signature new plus lessons of the most dynamic animation.  Answers get displayed when the fresh rock the next shit with the power of rebelliousness and the skill of planned revolution. Raz Fresco, an MC of the day, stylist supreme, an MC to study tomorrow, a lyricist in musical orations of Pablo Frescobar.