WILLIE WAZE INTERVIEWS LORD JAMAR & SADAT X OF BRAND NUBIANWhen in the company of Legends and OG’S (Original Gods), it is imperative to show respect and learn as much as you can. When the science is dropped and math is all added up one should have greater knowledge, wisdom and understanding of themselves. That is exactly what our PremiereHipHop.Com brotha, Willie WAZE obtained during an interview with Hip Hop Legends, BRAND NUBIAN. Though Grand Puba and Dj Alamo weren’t present, Sadat X and Lord Jamar did a good job representing the group/band of brothers. From the hits “Slow Down” to “Punks Step Up To Get Beat Down” and “Don’t Let It Go To Your Head” to the classic and great LPs as One For All, In God We Trust and Everything is Everything, these brothers have been given us food for thought for more than two decades and this interview is no different. Jamar and Sadat were so gracious enough to bless our Young Brotha with jewels and gems on everything from how the group got together, to advice on how to stay relevant and maintain your dignity in today’s current rap world. Although this meeting of minds was conducted for the sake of The Politrickin Youtube page (Shouts out to them), we are still able to drop this gem on you all. This is truly a gift to the eyes, ears and minds of any Hip Hop Head. Being that we are Premiere “HIP HOP”….It is only right we bring it to your front door. Peace!!!