MC?  Most Can’t.  Move Crowd. Mere Cowards.  The pillars of purgatory and putridness the Motivation Casters are surrounded by.  Bars to cage in the better crowd of listening lambs that will get so inspired to check 1, 2 and a little Money Cash into the accounts.  The beauty of the music when listening lambs become an actualizing array of ants.  And they collect the minerals in the lyrics and exfoliate their ignorance, expose their own creativity and fulfill a little happiness.  All in this whole world plate where the Black and Brown feed the world while they starved.  And the Man Communicating Mic Crafts slowly can free himself from the surrounds of those crumbling pillars of the wack rapper.  Mission Complete Mastered Ceremony.

Verses bolted through the middling, pillars crumbling, Shabaam Sahdeeq offers some of the training sessions from tour travels in 2012.  With focused lyrics that don’t expire and even a verse from our brother who returned to the essence, PH (Always RIP Remembered In Perfection), the EP is a quick primer into the Shabaam’s skill sets.

Skills that easily that make, choice and present these seven cohesive songs, recording mostly while touring, quite remarkable.  When Sahdeeq rhymes, “I pick a page on your mind and I write on it/hope you never forget the verse that I wrote on it/your mind connects to your heart and I hold on it/that’s how Hip Hop got me…” there is a an art-illery his work is intended to explode.  A metaphor that directly reminds us that he has taken the responsibility for keeping the inspirational duty Hip Hop has alive. And proven with the integrity of illness on “Be About It” versing, “I put a hole in your belly/make you squirt jelly/cause you donut in your hood/that’s what your peeps tell me/you a user, you a crackhead on the low/while I’m a G and scholar dipped in LO…”  The Sahdeeq has such a select slow flow we forget the precise timing with select pauses and syllable structure his verses generate.  There are no mistakes in his MCing.  When the beat hops he phrases as on “Men of Respect” and when the beat drives with little openings he keeps to extended bars with breath control as on “Gladiator School.”

SHABAAM SAHDEEQ – MODERN ARTILLERY EP ReviewThe project has a consistency of Boom Bap breaks with musical hooks that fit the concepts exact.  Amsterdam’s Big Ape works it all  strings menace well on “Chance” leading to DJ Devastate’s cuts, the big bassdrum and long, low siren ideal for Rustee Juxx on “Gladiator School,” the bells that glides on the bass’d beat and thick guitar lickson “Get It” or the the tambourine gelled break on the quirky keys on “D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F.”  It’s a production task that matches energies of many MCs as well as Sahdeeq does on the rhyme.

Shabaam’s art is a mastery of subtlety to the spoiled real Hip Hop listener.  The advantages becomes the ninjas of understanding through insights of “Get It” (“Great minds connect and make powerful alliances/everything revolve around finance and sciences”), “All Over the World” and “Be About It” that serve truths in Hip Hop ethos of the collection.  As a Lo Life, Sahdeeq offers a display of the depth of the uniforms are in the battle field bars of Love and Loyalty, the ethos of the movement and making this music, itself.

Masses Content, Mettle Confirmed, Medals Crowned. Shabaam Sahdeeq MC.