SAV KILLZ – IMMOVABLE KINGS EP Review “And you’re standing here doin this shit?!” 

“It’s all we know how to—“

“No, fuck that! You go educate yourself. You learn how to be productive members of society. Make something of yourselves. You’re stuck here not progressing and acting like these streets are your fucking throne!”

“We savor the ways we gain life and all you know is how we keep killing. Killz, Killz and more Killz is all you see! How our language is ill, our vocals suffocate all in music that returns you to the essence. The essence of this culture of not just making collections of sounds out of nothing and everything but made int a way where we can learn anything and share everything.”

“And who cares about all that. Sounds good but it’s not the way anyone makes, sells or cares about the music.  That Boom Bap, crate diggin study ethos and real lyrics is outdated, nigga.”

“But a counterculture caught countering, real shit that gets fit into fake packages, a Black and Brown illness that gets cured by marketing medicines are just different battles in the war for original creativity.  The hustle expands beyond just winning.  We innovate the rhyme while we preserve the drum, still inspire them out of being blind, deaf and the dumb and don’t mind you shifting sellouts calculating the sum.”

“Man, whatever.  Listen, niggas ain’t shit, there’s no love out here and Hip Hop is dead.”

Sav Killz is core of this decade’s NYC underground, the brilliant BK, the home of Medina warriors, where MCs continue to be born with blends of live ferocity and special cleverness. After some seminal original mixtapes (Success Is Inevitable, Scratching the Surface, Determination Through Time) loaded with real features, the kind where the MCs are skilled and they also actually respect the lead MC beyond written checks, he now releases Immovable Kings, a quick proclamation EP.  Proclaiming who he is, where he’s from, the nature of his music and his message all in 33 1/3 minutes.

SAV KILLZ – IMMOVABLE KINGS EP Review One of the great Hip Hop hustlers, the God’s work in the streets pushing his music is literally documented and the sincerity for the music and culture are cores to every verse. “Here To Stay” his power vocals declare the sentiment with a vocal yells, piano bangs, stuttered drums, cymbal crashes all colliding without any difficulties.  “Dope” expounds on it with triumphant horns letting battle verses that become anthemic to the cause.  A cause rooted in “Saturday Morning Cartoon” where the worst living environment was still filled with treasures that become cherished extremely and spark the quest to a knowledge of self, building up the warrior blood and enjoy life.  The visuals of the landscape introduces the EP with “Steadfast” while “D.K.N.Y.” chronicles the moves made and “Hustler’s Theme” bios his career.  It all breeds techniques of rolling syllables or chopped phrasing delivered in uptempo speed as on “Onslaught” with deep basslines, cymbal drumrolls and wild guitars that mount up on the breakbeat thuds.  It’s all rounded out by crowded ciphers of posse cuts “A Murder of Crows” and “Goin’ In” that fuel the martial training.   Sav Killz’ life has built up a template for his MCing that is more than matching of media’s supposed relevance bullshit.  It is the beginning of a lyric book that reads of a life living Hip Hop culture, something that used to be required yet now makes Sav Killz one of the ill anomalies.

Sav Killz has so much more to build on, so many more talks from where Boom Bap really stalks. And conversations with the Immovable Kings do leave the crossover scalped of their conformities.  Pavements filled with remnants of ignorance leaking out in cornrows of tracks from opened minds.  Let the brutality of Hip Hop’s creative originality be a friend. Savor the killz and rethink the transfer of your bills. Hip Hop isn’t dead.  All of its brilliant casualties became seeds that are sprouting all around. Shouting now on a vinyl round and round, Sav Killz is officially MCing now.


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