SHAZ ILLYORK – BORN VILLAIN: THE LONE GUNMAN EP ReviewThe Vandal hours, the stacked minutes where clean walls are fresh greenery for paint mallets to stampede upon.  These are the earliest Hip Hop writers, where the greats of graf need to see the colored arrays of backdrops, the constructs of the letter, from bubble to wildstyle and the integrity of the idea as animated chaos.  The beauty of violence stained on walls redefine New York City and illyorkers run amok.  

SHAZ ILLYORK – BORN VILLAIN: THE LONE GUNMAN EP ReviewBack from the belly of the beast, Shaz Illyork has spent the last year building with his family and beautifying the streets of Illyork as he sees fit.  As he finally releases this short EP produced by Qred, some of his graf work is beautifully displayed as each of the 9 tracks have its own unique artwork.  Born Villain is a lyrical battle against weak MCs, for the elements all in the theme of an artist who is falling into the vortex of his own creative processes.  There is a claustrophobic turmoil the tracks present that is given sense every time Shaz’ vocals pierce through.   Whether he is uptempo versing through “Green Garshas”  with “I take it center stage/mic held like a pro/start the show off/no show offs/I’m into flow/wordplay, realness and a back story/all he did was study legends/now they’re talking rap glory/what can I do/all I do is handle mines…” defining himself.  Shaz’ writing gift is the abstract metaphorizing and philosophical subtleties he brings to his bars.  As on “The Bermuda Triangle” where he paints, “R.I.P. to sanity, I’m about to quantum leap/not superstitious/ or religious/a villain, slight vicious/foretell the incident/visionary writtens/varying topics/translated into Islam/the future is upon us…”  Throughout every last song an intensity engulfs Born Villain as it logs the travels of Shaz’ graf encounters, rhyme intentions and his life goals (Note that even each song has its own cover of impeccable graf by Shaz, himself).

SHAZ ILLYORK – BORN VILLAIN: THE LONE GUNMAN EP ReviewA lone gunman to be realized alone more every day is a major theme as all the cultural integrity embraced becoming the next generation is a discarded path.  An MC who blends his journal with his learnings, a graf writer who is visible enough to give the element an honored face and a Lo Life who creates his own fashion while rocking the latest Polo and Denim & Supply releases as rugged as possible.  Qred’s tracks are tough, filled with thick drums, a symphony of merging vocal clips, sirens and noisy funk riffs that leave Shaz as the consistency to focus on.  Born Villain is a powerful statement of frenetic intensity where Shaz refuses to submit to oppression and holds to uprightness in his culture regardless of how out right wrong things go.

SHAZ ILLYORK – BORN VILLAIN: THE LONE GUNMAN EP ReviewThe creations of the destitute finally Polo piled out of the stables of conformity and complacency.   Another element later, I vandalize and authorize, Skillastrator documenting this amazingly rebellious Illyork led by a Born Villain, Shaz, the letters of his name.

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