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DJ Toshi, Sunez & Paragone

As PremiereHipHop.COM’s Executive Editor Sunez continues to produce and host radio segments of our greatest artists such as the recent Concealed Weaponry episode (#ArtOnArt & ScienceOnMusic LP Review and radio interview HERE), one of Hip Hop’s great DJs, DJ Toshi, fast approaches his 200th episode of his essential podcast radio show, Classic Storm Radio.   With Sunez now serving as host of Classic Storm Radio, now in part of an honored rotation trading duties with MC Mic Handz and Doc Ahk (of GID Radio, another mandatory highlight), PremiereHipHop.COM and Classic Storm Radio have officially united as partners in Hip Hop.  PremiereHipHop.COM will continue be the place to read the only #ArtOnArt and #ScienceOnMusic writing as an actual element of Hip Hop led by Sunez, but also a treasured forum for DJ Toshi’s work and his Classic Storm Radio shows.

Immediately, check some of the united work as the Phife Dawg RIP (Remembered In Perfection) tribute show HERE as well as the Paragone (PremiereHipHop.COM’s Co-Founder/Graphic Designer) & Sunez Episode 195 of Classic Storm Radio HERE.