FOUL MONDAY – I HATE MONDAY LP Review By SUNEZ [ #SkillastratorLO #PowerWrite ]

They’re all fucked but one of thems the foulest.  The foulest few can finagle, the few finish first into finding out again. That it’s still fucked up and so the foulest one comes around again.  Monday, past those days and onto these days.  We blame the days even though they were meant to repeat but the revolting rerun that rails is history’s revolver.  The revolver with a Russian wit that dances the same pending doom in a lambada of roulette. So six days that click hell but the chamber only has Monday’s blast.  That we will be oxen again carting their pillage makes us feel the foulest.  So onward ox head nigga and keep the songs with a steady beat, it’s the words from the foulest mouthpiece we need to hear.  I’ll hate he exists but I know he purges the best of the worst. Today will be the Monday you love to hate…

Foul Monday is an expert on the niggery and like a monk wearing the clothes of the layman, he appears as the people.   His musical outbursts aren’t engineered to dilute the insensitivities of ghetto Blackness yet the more he plays the more you learn Blackness and ghetto are not synonymous.  His Blackness is a Soul that thrives on concrete and even celebrates on Monday.  I Hate Monday, a debut much filled with the loud snares, hand clap snares and digi sirens of the Dark Ages needs a deeper listen. Past the clichés of any Dipset duplicates and Khadafi clones and into the rebelliousness of Hip Hop, music that they hate, others are addicted to but we need.  The music for Monday is what you need, it has to reflect a mood needed, propel the small mustering of good still there.  With I Hate Monday, Foul Monday establishes a great duality lost in Hip Hop and starts his career with a proof of strong potential.

FOUL MONDAY – I HATE MONDAY LP Review Understood beatwise, Foul Monday is in every hood from the hand clap snares that snare splash “Who Rollin’!” to the deep dissonant boom held back by the sharpest snare on Shroom Psychedelic’s “I’m Makin’ Mines” to the clicking high hat and doubled 808 boom of Numb3rz’ “Do You Feel Lucky!”  These fifteen numbers are a course in hazard distribution, that the next generation was delayed by hell and the bad songs our people keep liking.  So there is a dislike, a preemptive attack on the fake from “Ride Wit Me” to the proofs of relevance because the real ones still MC as “Winning” with the great God Tragedy Khadafi.  Overall, the track selection fluctuates into the dated Dark Ages (00’s) to the thicker break’d tracks that remind us of the powerful lead ins he gave to many Starvin B albums prior.

The blends of brilliance are when Foul Monday has the perfect mid-tempo boom that sways with his verbatim rhythm as on “Cruel World.”  The chorus flips and the orchestra held at gunpoint sirens the funeral of silence as the break halts to a click, pause and then boom… “And I’m giving you all of me/I ain’t sweating haters/I dissipate them accordingly/audibly/I’m better than what you thought of me/unfortunately/the people agree…”  Foul Monday’s voice is filled with Queensbridge flavored gravel and it contrasts a surprise when his dexterity speeds up extra vowels to words into select bars.  Much of the LP is a debut to show skill and establish the realness of his menace through musical diversity. Whether the droning bass riffs and distant claps on “Lil’ Bills” or through the live concrete drum session from Sauce Jaqson on “Quit Botherin,” the money and the hoes are the general subjects but the potential to see beyond the micro-management of his meals and deals is here.  Queens Hip Hop this decade dominates the battle from Nutso and Starvin B to Royal Flush and Tragedy Khadafi and Foul Monday has these credentials (i.e. “Happy Thoughts”) as well as the stencil to portrait this Trump or Hillary, bullets or the bullshit world (i.e. “Life” & “Skid Row”).

Monday isn’t the worst of the days, it’s just the beginning of an ending for too many. On I Hate Monday, Foul Monday’s beginning gives the first of his best which, I forecast, won’t be close to his best days coming soon…