The PowerWrite Podcast Episode #1.16 (Hosted by SUNEZ)

The PowerWrite Podcast Episode #1.16 (Hosted by SUNEZ)The PowerWrite Podcast is hosted by Sunez [ #SkillastratorLO #PowerWrite ] of, the PowerWrite Podcast has Sunez go in depth on deeper issues affecting Hip Hop culture, its community, the entire Black/Brown diaspora and all things in the universe.
Representing Hip Hop culture in his own element he helped pioneer, The Hip Hop Writer (a Creative Writer/Journalist/Historian of the culture), Sunez takes his innovations of penning #ArtOnArt & #ScienceOnMusic to the airwaves.  [Theme music: “I Call My Brother Sun” by Kevlaar 7 (#RememberedInPerfection #WisemenForever)]
#1.16 – The opening half is on the proof why the entire Boricua (Puerto Rican) experience, truth and culture is a foundation and crucial core of the major Hip Hop elements, particularly DJing, Breaking and MCing. While there are clearly Boricua and Latino pioneer artists that are known, and too often disputed for the continued segregation of music made by the entire Original peoples diaspora (i.e. Black & Brown), the deeper reality is that Hip Hop’s core nature is inherently as Puerto Rican as it is Jamaican as it is African American. Here, Sunez explores the deeper understanding in this as a journalist who has worked on covering and analyzing Latinos in Hip Hop for over 20 years.
The PowerWrite Podcast Episode #1.16 (Hosted by SUNEZ)The second part of the podcast we share an archived, never heard in depth Origins interview on Sleep Sinatra, the Nebraskan lyricist MC whose catalog of lo-fi analog ruggedness are hardcore meditations on the harrowing hellish path of enlightenment. With his latest LP, Vibranium, out now HERE, this look at his origins, insights to MCing and intentions is necessary edutainment.