AG DA CORONER – SIP THE NECTAR LP ReviewBy SUNEZ [ #SkillastratorLO #PowerWrite ]

When they ruled the world…Nigger is my best curse and racism is my best verse. The word with a million spells while they quarrel the spelling. The verses make songs of business and albums of industries. I got Jews cremating failures we direct.  That lawyer, that bill collector, that owner in my hood,  Mazeltov moments.  I got hicks that do tricks, keep you thinking you actually stupider than them. My wiggers steal the soul with wolf tickets and my hipsters turn landmarks into coffeehouses for marks. West Coast to my best toast I enjoy a good Black to Brown roast.

Well now! If they dont be’s that way then it sure feels that way. Don’t every fraction here add up to a pie we don’t have. Imagine slices of buck fiftys the only capitalism samples given out freely.

Listen, it’s just this Five Percenter talking here so I know all the splendid genetics.  My Borinquen still a colony so I wrote this during your anthem, pop locking and rapping track 4 of this nectar.  Buried in chips for my people, my pen Plena te Bomba while an Almighty great coroner dances on your dripping Salsa. Vaya! Your face, thoughts, arms, opinions, legs, wishes and your girl’s dishes all get rhythmed, toned and never any change for bridges.  We need to walk from crumbled lands through capsizing waters with treble tablets and sinister soliloquys.  Sip, Sip, Sip…

The menace is an honor that AG da Coroner carries.  It conveys a sincerity faster, anthems his bullet holed journals and punctuates the ol time work put in gathering props.  It isn’t just the whole hearted eye contact the brother gives a pound with but it is. Sip The Nectar doesn’t capture all of the essence of AG because too many of the beats aren’t as good as him.  However, every single song gets the best he has and that way of creating, like every page is the last shot, the only highlight tomorrow will see, the only one shot strike to protect your daughters, is the way.

AG DA CORONER – SIP THE NECTAR LP ReviewTechnically, AG Da Coroner is a slow flow master chiseling lines into concrete. The voice is measured and melodic, a brutal symphonic cruise riding these heavily trebled snares and drum snaps that dominate Sip.  “Blades In the Wind” epitomizes the success with cymbal crashes and digital sonics that wild out behind the vocals. A superb choice for its DJ cuts and Meyhem Lauren yet it needed another AG verse to launch him out of the introductory battle stance. This LP is filled with intro declarations from the first lines of “King Me” to “Snakes” that offer us a nature of another real one on the mic. These firsts are necessary but their delay and added anticipation make it difficult for the weaker listener to appreciate. So calculate the depreciation of the beats and subtract some verses for debuting familiarity. Depreciated beats as “Underdog” overreaching for aura where a rightly intimidating horn is bored by rolling Casio key high hats and over appreciated raps like too many Bodega Bamz verses when that #PrettyHiccup mutates through years in hoods. The treasures this debut that demand this MC keep building are here. From the slow motion guitar smash of “R.I.T.S.” to the horn driven, “My Truth,” the testimonials of this Boricua Medina brother are gritty and mandatory.  The story tell narration on “The Stick Up” punches every next problem with every guitar twang. “Church” chimes thoughts on Hip Hop to the kill bars on “Death Camp” are skillfully approached. “The Game Changer” mixes great pauses in flow and clever wit, the “Funeral” verse is ideal for stomping the street or bench press reps while the cryptic morale of “Let You Live” is horrifyingly offered. AG, essentially, is a stylist who can amplify the appeal of tracks quickly and is the core of Sip’s worth.

AG DA CORONER – SIP THE NECTAR LP ReviewNow you listen to Hip Hop fucking exact?  You know when it’s right? Then with Sip the Nectar, there is proof AG must have and give us his stories, his opines and his battle kills. There’s an MC here who can relay realness into rhythmed words. These brothers are rare and the flaws of their first works are the clues to the developing abilities and vast pathways of thought they can take us.  It should never be remembered the way these fakes document it where Boom Bap is a misfire and Coroner should’ve tired of doing this.  Musically, AG still seeks a sound to match his originality so clichés of Boom Bap aren’t the issue.  It’s a depth of sound to match, a style of musicality the MC learns to orchestrate over enjoyed time worked into one’s ideas.  This is truly difficult and AG must not be thrown out with the early bass and snares. Reduce this LP a handful of cuts (or separate bonus/previously heard material), re-equalize and exile the grafted, just for Skillastrator’s sake or sanity and we have a more powerful work.  Still, the truth of history is that Sip the Nectar is another proof peace to an MC’s rise in talent we are in seeing right now.  Something to blast if the pain of Mazeltov moments are too harsh…