The Politics As UsuaLL podcast — 1st episode

By SUNEZ [ #SkillastratorLO #PowerWrite ]

The Politics As UsuaLL podcast -- 1st episode

Lifa Allah & Darkman LO, the hosts of Politics As UsuaLL

The Lo Lifes is an international movement rooted in Hip Hop culture’s expressions.  It’s origins as a boosting crew with Ralph Lauren being the signifying garment is the surface of the story.  The depth of the story is to see a Black and Brown movement survive to thrive where now their creativity, experience and insight lead the Art of Hip Hop movement.  Able to forum those most maligned but with inclined for so much more and absorb those brothers of all walks of impoverishment and Hip hop endeavors, as myself, our voices in depth are just beginning to be really heard.

With Politics As UsuaLL, two Lo Lifes of great professional and charismatic stature, the God Lifa Allah and Darkman LO, bring the LO a powerful talk radio podcast that is filled with real talk, things to ponder and as expected the ill garments.  On this first episode they cover the election we’re faced with tomorrow for the president of the United States of America, the American flag and pledging along with the way to change things for the future, our future.