By Sunez [ #SkillastratorLO #PowerWrite ]

Screenshot 2016 11 19 10 13 51 1I have built that “Soul is the measure of our beautiful presence, the constant relaying of our emotions, passions, nature and style that is defined as that wonderful Blackness.” Ese Alma, that Soul was no more exemplified by this beautiful, petitely palaced Black sister Sharon Jones. Her voice was the epitome of powerful elegance, holding notes with gorgeously effortless intensity and wailing with the deepest Blues punctuation. Her sound, through her Dap Kings, was sometimes ignorantly dismissed as a rehash of an old sound but it really, particularly with her helming, was a recovery of things sublime. Only special singers of the most yanged yin, the sensual Soul with grit, need piercing horns to accent them and the tough drumwork and thick basslines to drive their passions on all things.  These things we laugh with, suffer through and love with. It’s funk barreling the ear, Blues holding the heart tightly and all directed by her lovely Soul. A Soul that stays in my mind’s rhythms when she’s not even playing.  The Soul I transmute into words when I power write. The Soul that’s really Qi, that builds from the way the Sun is to the Earth bringing forth little supreme life. Alotta love I have for Sharon Jones’ Tao of Soul and her lovely long player children. I love Soul always just as my own child, Alma. And soul, may our Sharon Jones always be Remembered In Perfection…

Study and cherish those long player children here.