RUGGED N RAW - ANOMALY BOOK !! LP ReviewBy SUNEZ [ #SkillastratorLO #PowerWrite ]

Mettle. As a metal of anomalies now packaged and sold when the rulers wear no clothes. When the land erodes covertly the sheep graze quietly on hope. As the land cracks and quakes overtly, the sheep, now shaven to submission, go rabble and rumble behind the walls they’ve been enclosed on. The mettle in the rugged and raw becomes highly priced, the cries of the weak appear to be the truth but they’re really the late defenses of comforts illusioned long ago. I played a book of the travels of the anomaly years past and though we undeserving, I build on a second bequeathed to me a few more than four fortnights past.

Rugged N Raw thought of starting this long player with a classic of rugged struggle and it’s subsequent raw emotion worked to be therapeutic and becomes anthemic for us. Us who survived a 2016 that was fucked up and Trump was the only shit that made sense to match the bullshit. So “Allegory of the Cave,” he confesses, “Love is blind but I keep one eye open so I can see it coming when my hearts broken/my smile is my biggest lie, when we part ways I’m a different guy/There’s lots of ugliness that sits inside/ indifference whether I live or die…” Today’s brothers got problems like we do and there’s always more gloom after one realizes this rappening ain’t led to the clappening of freedoming. Lost relationships means you got no one to kiss you off to battle. No sales mean you can’t be heard again. Mistakes mean you’re a hypocrite even when you correct them. Still, RnR don’t cry weakly but ponders seriously.  “We all ain’t shit” the humility to correct those errors, inspire to keep creating and grapple life’s opportunities (“Judge Free Zone”) cause we gotta think on this shit.

RUGGED N RAW - ANOMALY BOOK !! LP ReviewNow I been writing, RnR been writing too and MCing supremely too. When is our work with purpose when it serves little purpose for daily sustenance and these powerful words on “Bottom of the Barrel” are scars on the greatest of Hip Hop. RnR is the epitome of Hip Hop mic controlling, breath control,  performance, immaculate stylistic traits and insights dressed with the most comedic bars. “Still trying to find my purpose/ got a gift but it’s worthless…too selfish to give up the pen and pad…” the MC life, not this pop nigga lie, is all over Anomaly 2 and it makes it a treasure.  See, life gets more fucked up and my brother battle raps even more dynamically.  With the werewolf as the id pic and the knuckle to your side, the blue tooth, RnR is as fun on wax (“See The Light”) as when impromptu I seen him literally climb on stage and perform as if he prepared for years. Because the talents been prepped that long. A lifetime of charisma in a bar, a wealth of journals in the precision of one syllablically matched verse and the resume of show after show in every chorus.

Eclectic sounds are all united in RnR’s mid-tempo flow of punctuated long phrases. His clarity is 100 due to his timbre being accentuated completely.  So with the music speeds out of the mid into the up tempo chaos on “Keep It Pushin” following is abnormally easy turning his verses into books and a brother singing along.  Dancing merrily to the strut of struggle in all genres blatantly sampled from funk rock of “Split Personality” to the mutated and clipped techno of “Dance Now” through the Asian fluted “Myth” and past the thick grumbled funk of “Every Five Minutes,” the chaotic diversity of backing sounds, the consistency of breaks through different patterns all keeps the vocal tone of RnR the consistent focus.

Book !! is truly the work of a Mettled Charisma, a starving ore on the planet that all HipHopimals ought to feed on whether the pop pastures are torched or not.