#ScienceOnMusicSERIES: AVERY LR – “Color of Skin” Single Review

Avery LR sample 1By SUNEZ #SkillastratorLO  The #PowerWrite

The listening of music is a selfish quest. Greedy with arrogance am I here to give criteria through an Art I understand that places like and dislike on a more profound level. So now I can judge, categorize and value it and sometimes the selfishness ranks the developing as low. As low as the long underachieved and forever slumping.

Avery LR, an MC from Landover, Maryland with a history of struggle and travel from his adolescence he has only been rhyming on the scene for about 6 years. His cadence is geared toward shooting for emotion but the God out here in Mecca is always demanding an introduction through skills. So I look longer and wonder that his struggle may be real. It certainly is one from what his bio reads.  Absolutely.

Still, on “Color of Skin,” as much of his other work, his flow is robotically slowed to be in the pocket. It leaves a monotony that is not uncommon in the majority of weaker records today. As he speaks on the struggle and the misperceptions placed on him and his children, the didactic increase exposes the flaws. Artists, at the core, need to express themselves and often seem to forget that their content, insights and passion are completely redundant. A recorded genre for nearly four decades, it is becoming more and more essential that MCs study those who already have spoken their struggle. It is why so many of the most powerful MCs today are peaking later in their early 30’s. They are researching, studying works in and outside of Hip Hop and music to have more to say and more ways to say it.

Beatwise, this track signifies the point as it’s merely a generic groove through some steady claps and snare snaps. As Hip Hop is so merged with Pop it’s more and more apparent that the young brother’s talents are never really challenged because the pop song only needs general relation.  And so the simplest ideas make a hit that relates and resonates. In this massively oppressive society for we Black and Brown men, “Color of Skin” is a basic and obvious point with little challenge. It’s why this selfish quest of mine continues to throw away so many songs…

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The organization of these principles around a counterculture, an expressive arts of creation that uplifts the ideas and thoughts of an oppressed people, is why I’m an honored builder amongst legends, knighted by heroes of Medina (Rakim Supreme Shabazz Allah/Rudy Lo, Thirstin Howl the 3rd, Bonz Malone) to further create in my element as a Hip Hop Writer of #ArtOnArt & #ScienceOnMusic. So the world may find love that locks in with the action of loyalty though they may never find another writer with my kind of grammar…


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