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Power Equality.  Power are the influences you let shape the way you engage in your like/dislike of the Arts. Regardless to all the mystery attributed to the choice(s) made of what to listen to there is a logic even in the most emotional. The Equality of it all is that they are for real reasons of relation, appeals to our ignorance, offered tools against it, exhibitions of groove and Soul that bring an insight of feel to our our melanin motions.

We, elder brothers, know our influence is from the most gutter era, which means the most refined because the grit of the filtered drum, the booming break and the thickened sound became a real science for our greatest musicians.  By Jay Hunna’s childhood as expressed on his single “Good Ol’ Music” off his upcoming debut LP, Better Days, due out September 8th, he is raised by the transfer of the end of the Golden Era (‘86 – ‘98, the greatest era of recorded Hip Hop music) into the #DarkAges (2000’s) where the gross popping of the music became standardized and the spawn of #RespectFAKE was made.  

jay hunna better days coverSo the track has loud clap snares that get double and tripled in stutter, an early #DarkAges embrace of dilution while the wooing strings are expertly nostalgic for the vibe Hunna bringing us into.  Our lives, our history, our experiences are what this music is for.  Jay Hunna flowing a generic sentiment all humanity can see when he says, “They told they life story/ i grew up to the things that they said/ I could relate to it/picture me rollin through the bullshit/i just escaped through it…” needs Soul to give it worth. And Hunna does. It’s got Soul.  That’s all a song of this content demands.  I say that Soul is “Soul is the measure of our beautiful presence, the constant relaying of our emotions, passions, nature and style that is defined as that wonderful Blackness.” (That original understanding came my lengthy build on 2Pac HERE)  As a young MC, Jay Hunna’s influences affect his work. It opened up the Soul he has to make a quality song as this yet the trapping of them leaves him, as most young rappers now, bringing a “natural” popness through their works.  For Hunna, that is more evident by the chaotic snare coffin choices mixed with some rugged soundscapes that let him explore more that I see on his upcoming debut LP.

Today’s rappers will be even stronger if they, as Hip Hop and its diggin (through history) culture mandates, when they are influenced not merely what they hear from elders and their own surroundings but the crates that they weren’t supposed to hear, have and learn from.  For now, Jay Hunna starts with some simple Soul and that deserves respect. Power Equality Arts Created(of) Experience.

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