She was a spy for the Yankee nation up north and over west.

Never from the nourished militants munching on the wisdom munitions out of Izayaa’s kitchen, but the lay woke culprits of the billboard reich.

The same machinists that mechanized cardi b to anthemic nihilism.  

Oh, lie with my #RespectFAKE spy!

The dirtier a whore gets the cleaner we will all be,

she’d say,

as she embraced me with a pressing chest so filthily fabricated, yet I–damn me–so foolishly elated.

I am #SkillastratorLO,

the man of the #ArtOnArt,

and yet my thickened pencil scraped in the soggy sheets

where no words could embed themselves.

Puncture a paper,

lose your forum and

excite a masochist stealing your lead.

Wild dogs only bark more verses out of Skanks. Crutches only enhance the appearance of him gliding across the stage. And he only needs one eye so the other is equipped with home grown break sensor scanners that link with his lungs. It all allows air to endlessly oxygenate without breath. And just as his ears need only listen for this, ours ought to hear of such a story of an ideally self crafted MC. When a fellow cybernetic musical organism, Endemic, living tissue over break sampling metal endoskeleton, a pure expertise lives as a Long Player, Rapsploitation.

Skanks and Endemic are a duo of addiction.  Endemic with some of the hardest snares in the universe throughout his solo producer compilations whilst Skanks has a breathless flow that can last for bars forcing us to worry about his health.  On Rapsploitation, Endemic isn’t just offering the hard snare bangers but gives Skanks a diverse musical palette for the many subjects and concepts Skanks tackles. Coupled with featured MCs that are well chosen furthering the themes as well as the energetic tempo of the bench press anthems.

ENDEMIC EMERALD & SKANKS THE RAP MARTYR - RAPSPLOITATION LP ReviewSkanks, member of Brooklyn’s Bankai Fam, is an MC that, if left out of the conversation, one has grossly left a hole in the history of New York City Hip Hop. An absolute staple of the scene, he is the music’s greatest supporter in the crowd and one of the most dynamic performers on stage.  A voice with complete clarity delivered in the energy of man’s last show he is a marvel to watch and listen to.  Through Rapsploitation, his technical skill, rooted in that breath control, lets him deliver verses with a fierce monotone that never ends in lost gas but concludes when he fucking says so.  On “Serious No Joke” some of these stretches are brilliant from the inception of  “Peace to the Gods/my moms taught me reach for the stars/or be locked behind bars/like Adebisi from Oz….” to when they kick into overdrive, “…just say my name if you want it/that Brooklyn bullshit I’m on it/I hear Biggie’s voice every morning I wake/ I swear I’m haunted/so just a warning/keep flossing you gon say I’m a hater…” and the fury continues.  The fury blast through “Omnipotent” because he always slows the right moment to hell rage then go right back into another sprint verse.  This rolling flow also has the ability to stockpile a narrative of emotion as he flows endlessly through the struggle through Lupe’s “Se Acabo” on “The Pain In Life.” An ultimate all adaptable skill set it also lets him give a direct narrative of scorned love in cut bars with Endemic throwing the “Mercy” wail throughout. It also serves for brutal punchlines of savagery (“since i think with my dick my chicks got to brainwash me…” – “Straight out da NYC”).  It all makes Raps..with a depth of commentary from the macro (“Trouble”) to the unique micro experiences (“Legends Live Forever”).

The features supplement the intensity as Bankai Fam brother Haz Diggs on “Half Baked” reverberating his verses with power inflections and repeat echoing his bars slashing through,, “We supreme mathematic addicts/pick up the static at it…”  That special Medina aura of streetwise builders is captured here and is not only the absolutely needed core essence of Hip Hop but a natural way of Bankai Fam. The features on Rapsploitation aren’t brothers returning mere favors but taking and succeeding in the challenge of MCing alongside Skanks the Rap Martyr.   There is the powerful baritone of Kasim Allah to immaculate effect on “Prison Riot” as he booms the chorus, “Bout to break out/don’t belong on block/bout to fake the Jake out/free the whole cell block/and if the beast don’t get us/and if the streets get with us/we can shake out/ who wanna break out?!!” And the God challenges the classic chorus with another on “You Gone Learn” through a street visual from Lo Life brother Shabaam Sahdeeq.  There are also songs where Skanks amazes are only so after his guests do as Medina warrior Mic Handz on “Serious No Joke” with bars that include illness as, “…paragraphs of Parables plotting on life’s commas/stenographic variables stenciling life dramas provoking Obamas, Osamas, Isis and baby mommas…”

Musically, the worst that may be said is that we ought not to hear the ill track for “Omnipotent” again with its fluted guide of vocalized wooing and power break with the signature hard snares. First used with Cyrus Malachi’s incredible debut LP, Ancient Future (“Hell’s Garrisons”) then later on Tragedy Khadafi and QB Rap P’s “Billion Dollar Barz” (Live Generals LP).  All eq’d differently but after the ill turn by Skanks, Endemic ought to retire the track and let it be great.  The best is all that’s left as Endemic’s sampled musicality is on display and not just being a break banger maker.  The lovely Soul Jazz of “Make Believe” with its thickened keyboarded bass humming, the emphasized pianos and basslines leading distance drum kicks and snares on “Trouble” or the long wooing on a mid tempo driving booming drum break riding on “Legends Live Forever.”

Concise, dynamically memorable, diverse in ideas, insights and concepts whilst all focused in execution, Rapsploitation is Skanks’ greatest recorded proof of his MCing prowess and a powerful MC exalting production for Endemic Emerald.

Track it,

the drone tone trapped me

because I projected we were going to infiltrate the billboard,

sound an alarm and sing the mumble slew away.

A chorus of wailing assimilation and waning appropriation

to be drained away in the soaps of my inventions and

the waters of her supporting intentions.

We never recorded.

She, actually allied with those of the song fallacy

tore two-fourths of fabric off revealing all her sickness.

A popular sickness that weakened my skillness.

The home of supremacy

is where the rhythms are lovingly cooked

not where the cooked up rid dem of rhythm’s longing look.
But them Blues is now all over my hands

as I rub my heart over all this rapsploitation.

So the skillastrating soon build…Word is bond.

Sunez Allah #SkillastratorLO of the LO LIFES


The organization of these principles around a counterculture, an expressive arts of creation that uplifts the ideas and thoughts of an oppressed people, is why I’m an honored builder amongst legends, knighted by heroes of Medina (Rakim Supreme Shabazz Allah/Rudy Lo, Thirstin Howl the 3rd, Bonz Malone) to further create in my element as a Hip Hop Writer of #ArtOnArt & #ScienceOnMusic. So the world may find love that locks in with the action of loyalty though they may never find another writer with my kind of grammar…


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Peace, Sunez Allah

#SkillastratorLO #PowerWrite