Hosted by the lone Lo Life with the home sewn garments

The history’s holder of the moments,

I boosted twelve jewels by killing devils.

Just four dastardly evils,

at a time,

some in rhyme,

none ever in crime

but all planting a brand new paradigm…

For these ten years, of which I have been honored to build and add on to these last thirty or so months, I took the stage for a moment on Saturday, the 25th, the anniversary show. Between the recitals of exchange from Brooklyn and Queens to build on all the elements. Remember mine has a forum Toshi gave here too, the Hip Hop Writer– the creative author, integrity driven journalist and honorable historian. That this element I significantly pioneered would creatively reign while it crowned the best music. Not whether it was the underground but just the extreme weather that is classic, the collected precipitation no one trapped, mumbled or emo’d could ever storm with.

It’s a battle I been warring in chronicle as the #DarkAges, from those 2000’s when we fucked up and chose more popped 808s, crossover wiggers and payola paying playas over the deeper culture. So lyricists from New York or Detroit, as C-Rayz Walz or Bronze Nazareth are heard at best but never listened to. The Gods and Earths are just footnotes for gen(trifier) to explain and Lo Lifes are trivia for the hipsters not lessons in enlightenment that supplement records or the organizations that can reunite the Arts of the culture.


Down with procrastination,

The slow it to a mumble vixen in the breaks of our lives,

the evil taming us to less tense,

Overtaken by the tempest of my temperament…

DJ TOSHI’S CLASSIC STORM RADIO 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY SHOW REVIEWThe battle is Trill vs. Real and Toshi, the DJ, right in the middle of the #DarkAges, started what he migrated to the US ghettos for. To collect, amplify and share the best Hip Hop music. If we call it Boom Bap, it’s like calling Jordan a legend.  We already know what the fuck it’s supposed to be and the naming is just to box it out and let mediocrity lay up for wins.

Everywhere Toshi, through the effortless grace of Doc Ahk and the ever charismatic Mic Handz, started to say The Underground Lives because it really means this isn’t just unheard, misheard or less heard but now it’s better than any and every fucking shit out. Trill, the tricked feel, is no more and the Real is left alone. Alone with us if it has to be.


DJ TOSHI by Supreme Sniper

Now, I compose #ArtOnArt and make lettered portraits to hang as liner notes to many of these incredible works. Since 1994, when I said Biggie’s crossover was Satan Diddy’s guiding and would hurt through 1999 when my “Why Hip Hop Died?” paper went unpublished (but cited) through the 2000s when I said Doom, Madlib and Thirstin Howl the 3rd would change the music and culture. Right Right and exact because I fortify them with these vitamins and minerals of #ScienceOnMusic not just cries of like and dislike. It only makes sense that warriors with different weapons would unite. My Premiere partner Paragone saw to it.


Washing myself of belief in any mystery whenever that lying, laid up Jesus demands a bullshit sample credit

I n I just I so see I mind all that is mine

Bathe in the build…

DJ TOSHI’S CLASSIC STORM RADIO 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY SHOW REVIEWSo soldiering on to write when money only pays for depositions for Drake or ever pressed printings of melodrama mumble manuals. And my brother Toshi, who lives inside the stages he creates, turntables here, coffee there, vinyl here, bed there, sofa here, Sunez and his guest there. We add on to this wonderful universe of rugged and rough media New York has. Whether Guerilla Grooves or Bodega Cold Kutz, this ain’t the #DarkAges, it’s been the time we’re were the darkest rage wonderfully,  an #InvisibleRenaissance. Invisible like the Boricuas, many from my origins of Sunset Park, Brooklyn, the lung of Medina, who silently have powered this movement. From DJ Bodega supporting to Doc Ahk, the navigator, tirelessly riggin the Toshi led Rock Da House events, including this anniversary, Supreme Sniper, of the best hardcore breed of MC who also grafs exquisite pieces to to the decor or Bugd Out, the photo/video journalist of so much of this.

Flow is water of a arsonist my pen paragraph is like autism and arguments.. bars!! #illaghee #stage #perform #brooklyn

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DJ TOSHI’S CLASSIC STORM RADIO 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY SHOW REVIEWThe audience for this 10 year celebration seemed filled with millennials, those young who seem to like the classics and fiend for trashics too. Yet, I’ll remember the God Free, of the millennial age but more so the mission’d perennial, gliding on, off and through the stage reflecting moments on to his drive. I will remember all the performers but first think of Mic Handz’ wit, the rare ability to make Hip Hop a community event after so much destructive commercialization and assimilation. Then the acts…

The hype DJ Mixx mixed us in for, the abnormal dexterity of El Gant, the power in Smiley the Ghetto Child’s vocals matching the Premo beats, the pure fun Lord Finesse DJed us too, the precision in path Illa Ghee easily takes us to amazement line after line, the zone of word rhythm Reks achieves, Royal Flush and Al Skratch reprising and revising their hits live, the oft kilter bop we bump to with Mr. Complex’ deepest themes and livest hooks, the loud on the dime power of Ruste Juxx’s battle bars, the smoothness of Large Professor trading Faking the Funk” attacks with the sharp slicing spurts of Neek the Exotic and the run of classic Beatnuts tracks a retrospective Juju led us through as he began with an unreleased verse of his he noted was the late Sean Price’s favorite. So many Remembered In Perfection from P! to Prodigy to the God Guru to BIG PUN.


Unrefined power — the blind peoples’ foul call

whilst blocking the Trump bounty jump shot

Young God, burn bridges,

never #RespectFAKE and

dribble the congnizants and illables

of the alphabet

with understanding…

DJ TOSHI’S CLASSIC STORM RADIO 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY SHOW REVIEWIt all makes the sun cycle C Rayz Walz put us through even more amazing to stronghold. He wrote his history in advance, knowledge the IG, where “I Said I Would be in the Building to Destroy The Stage at 12:30. My Plane Landed at 11:45. I Arrived at 12:24.”  And the God destroyed it whether performing “Floe” or “Peroxide,” the particular song choices where his idiosyncratic flow was filled with clarity, charisma and the illest inflection absorbing us into his warrior reality, an A-Alike universe I also wing write chun in. Rayz wasn’t just representing but literally intending to give one of the best performances any of us had ever seen.  I’ve seen too many and yet slots were overtaken. One of the MCs that are the reason why Classic Storm Radio exists, actual legends of the #DarkAges left in the dark, overshadowed by corn filler forcing us to never consider the truth that his 350 plus song catalog ranks impeccably with any MC in this storied rhymed on breaks history. An honor to groove with my Earth by my side and be reminded that I do love this music, its sound, its depth of cleverness to Knowledge Of Self warriorship and all it allows me to express.

And so I got on that stage because of my fearlessness in my own illness. Illness in this new era, the #InvisibleRenaissance, where the music’s resurrection is burgeoning under mounds of mumble. That yall ought to celebrate the craft of the greatest Hip Hop interviews you’ll hear, #SkillastratorLO supreme, surrounding the most supreme music Boom Bapped, the Toshi orchestration, an all too silent treasure to the world. Toshi, a treasure likened best as a Hank Aaron DJ. None of the highs of pop or other industry madness but illest statistics of show after show.  THE “standup brother” Lord Finesse, Large Professor and so many others noted him as because he literally is.  Out of pocket nearly almost always, scheduling and contacting the best artists, offering a guest spot for an exclusive build on their art. And all I have to do is prepare and perform, the day with the music, the night with the songs’ authors, another lifeline to show show and prove ain’t no one iller at my element. An honor to add on to the newest staple of Hip Hop music, Classic Storm Radio. What a life that Toshi traveled the entire world for. A Classic one with ten years for all of us.


Lacking the way,

niggas with no Tao dishonorably beasting with no De Jing

Who dem a sing?

See the disposer of all created beings

Abandon cliches upon me and know self as supreme math ever matriculating

Always an enrolled student minding my own way

#SkillastratorLO shown and proven

The infinite is my ink and the finite is my easel,

Supreme being, put the jewels in my Earth’s womb

Sunez Allah #SkillastratorLO of the LO LIFES


The organization of these principles around a counterculture, an expressive arts of creation that uplifts the ideas and thoughts of an oppressed people, is why I’m an honored builder amongst legends, knighted by heroes of Medina (Rakim Supreme Shabazz Allah/Rudy Lo, Thirstin Howl the 3rd, Bonz Malone) to further create in my element as a Hip Hop Writer of #ArtOnArt & #ScienceOnMusic. So the world may find love that locks in with the action of loyalty though they may never find another writer with my kind of grammar…


Representing the pillars of:




Peace, Sunez Allah

#SkillastratorLO #PowerWrite