The paper in my tears wipe words,

melanated stanzas to spell on grafted sadness

The laughter of these scripture giggle a flood

The happiness a sediment of understanding formed

Rush the print,

typesetters premierely engrave the history I wrote in advance

Visions sewn LO won’t crop,

the love and loyalty bleed through the black plate

Earth motions navigated, the souling colors in Sun’s creations…

It’s like the beginning of 1999 and I know that the #DarkAges are coming. Wrote some shit called Why Hip Hop Died? and only my sincere sister scholar cited it. The times were more and more #RespectFAKE and I more the bridge burner every fucking day. Vibe, too bougie; XXL, just hood fabulous pimpin’; The Source, they ain’t let me in just yet but they pages turned more and more away from the element I was pioneering.

So I stay homeless without paper, none to write and less to spend. I have already purchased, dubbed, been gifted, been lifted near one hundred LPs this last year of the millenium. ’99, born to born, I’m literally in a state of immobilarity, a fledging conglomerate of illness, words so witty unpredictable, but with no breakin’ investments to beat my heart.  I know why it all died but I need that feel to drift into the addiction of steady drum work and vocalizing in timing merging so seamlessly. Where I start realizing the universe’s 26 dimensions are just the alphabets pressed play.  

HEX-ONE - WORDS WORTH A THOUSAND PICTURES LP ReviewWhat a Hex One has when you find them years later?!  An MC, rooted in Queens via Colombian origins, half of the supreme duo Epidemic (with Tek-nition), has a linguistic rhythm of endless dexterity that never is not on full display.  This extreme technical prowess turns his latest jewel, Words Worth A Thousand Pictures, into an introspective Boom banger, an LP one must enjoy merely for its prowess with its insights on Art making and witty battle swordsmanship an immaculate add on.

With an abnormally united beat score that is filled with jazzy loops, chopped breaks and thickened bass drops, Hex One fills the lines with a juggling of retrospection on sufferahs’ hells and the introspection of a creator’s worth.  They blend beautifully as an inner and outer struggle that results in non-didactic uplifting Art as on “Leave It All Behind” where he verse observes, “They link with ballers to these kids their mission is lawless/Sinking but never blink so they think their vision is flawless /All this hell is swelling my dome it got me prone /To these coke selling zealots yo cause hell is my home…” to an awareness of the fate of the worst decisions made, though it often seems as the most realistic choice, “I know these options the only slot is my lonely conscious/I blow these toxins for the topics that hold me hostage /My optics coldly show me its lowly contents /I’m just another brother that struggles to know these concepts…”

This depth works because his technical skill is behemoth sized as his first verse on “Sallyble Mux-ip” where he literally is adding and rearranging vowels on the opening verse whilst keeping a layered rhythm to make his own jeringoza inside a trabalengua, a B-Boy Mon Rivera. It allows his cleverness to focus on topics as “Extraterrestrials” where he contemplates life outside of Earth with detail, “Uncivil reptilians who evade Pleiadians/Drain craniums motherships that invade stadiums /Crazed pagans and Martian plains that display gradients…” whilst coming to the most wise conclusion that, “The only UFOs I know are NASA satellites that track your movements/The only aliens is politicians and the invasion is their propositions…”  Words Worth..is filled with execution of pure lyricism with the layered internal rhyming and precise syllabic coupling that is the core of MCing. From “Yes Y’all” as the awing author (“I ought to get vexed to get these thoughts up off of my chest /Yo the arts that you authors offer are often awful at best /I reveal skill with the steel quill/who’s the real deal”) or the justice infused journalist (“You sheep be rolling deep I bet you that’s the key to your sleep/The street media dope journalist /Who keeps the pen on lock like cell blocks that hold murderers…”) to the bio bars of “My Story,” back to the battles of how we express ourselves for betterment in this exploitative world on “Flava for Ya Mind” (“The road to growth be the motive for scholars but even those/Who use knowledge to gross their dollars get exploited through college/It’s either that or crime I chose the middle path with/Tracks and making patterns rhyme if that’s the wrong route…”).  Words Worth is nearly all a personal journal of thought explorations where the two features, one from his Epidemic partner and another from Skyzoo, only supplement the lyricism.  Skyzoo, another great of this #InvisibleRenaissance, the 2010’s, is another MC whose savvy is often lost even by those praising due the flow (“Visionary riches like a record of mine/And how I step on rewind became the trails y’all needed/No step on the vine no trails of a remix /Just everything you came for tucked in a safe…” – “Peep The Steeze“)

HEX-ONE - WORDS WORTH A THOUSAND PICTURES LP ReviewMusically, the Boom Bap purity continues in the Epidemic universe with the most profound craftsmanship.  Whether constructing LPs with one producer (i.e. String Theory with BBZ Darney) or here with many, Hex’s decisions propel a continuity for the addiction.  The immediate snap, click snare/highhat, boomed bass drums with smooth chorus horns of “Back to the Boom” from Figub Brazlevic.   Type Raw’s “Leave It All Behind” with its intro’d jazz setting the mood for an explosion for drums fighting through Loot Fattig’s scratches and the piano’s keying tinkering decorum.  The fading horns, guitar strums and crescendo percussion into a room surrounding bassline with high snares on Devaloop’s “Flava for Ya Mind.”  Or KLIM Beats’ “I’m Gone” with the bassline melody that lets the crisp 1, 2 break snap through and reload throughout Hex One’s brilliant flows. Hex knows what he’s looking for and these many producers from the aforementioned to Klaus Layer, Emune, Chief, Drippy and Planet Ragtime all represent represent. The fluidity of it all, this writer would certainly suggest Hex One mixing it all down may be another reason, beyond his mere choosing them, for such a focused outcome. Just as Hex’s flows, there are no flaws in the Boom Bap blasted here and as usual in the #RespectFAKE auralscape that excellence is exactly why it may be hated on.

The power of the 90’s, that heralded era, was the promoting of the principle of refusing to submit to anything that would compromise a truthful work of Art. That theme has so naturally been Hex One’s career and is epitomized on the summative closer, “Energies” with his Epidemic partner, Tek-nition, where Hex laments, “Knowing that I’d always go unnoticed and I won’t get known/ And out of anger added clever quotes to make it hopeless for ’em /  Cause I don’t care ’bout views I just make sure the kicks and snares /I use are dope and share my blues with those who wear my shoes / I bare my truths for you to analyze as art…” In turn, Tek adds on, “I openly expose my feelings through these poetry sentences/By writing these songs showing what my soul has envisioned…”  There are few who have such a merging of insightful writing skill with the ensuing vocal dexterity to perform it.  It all turns Hip Hop into the peak it ought to always be.  A listening Art of extreme addiction, an ever nourishing food of lasting worth for we oppressed soul searching warriors.

Remember the blood is in the build

And the sweat is that skill taken

to the spokes of them muk yan jong

These niggas thought Sacred Words

could get bit for trans-real skits

For foes of the prose,

black tiger passages chisel cognizants and illables

through they wooden ham post.

Never novel,

a hex of SWords

and pictures are falling out the captions.

180 moves of the Iron Butterfly alphabets…

Sunez Allah #SkillastratorLO of the LO LIFES


The organization of these principles around a counterculture, an expressive arts of creation that uplifts the ideas and thoughts of an oppressed people, is why I’m an honored builder amongst legends, knighted by heroes of Medina (Rakim Supreme Shabazz Allah/Rudy Lo, Thirstin Howl the 3rd, Bonz Malone) to further create in my element as a Hip Hop Writer of #ArtOnArt & #ScienceOnMusic. So the world may find love that locks in with the action of loyalty though they may never find another writer with my kind of grammar…


Representing the pillars of:




Peace, Sunez Allah

#SkillastratorLO #PowerWrite