#ScienceOnMusicSERIES: MIKEY AK – NO MORE FREEBIES Mixtape Review

#ScienceOnMusicSERIES: MIKEY AK - NO MORE FREEBIES Mixtape ReviewBy SUNEZ #SkillastratorLO

Enter the intrigue of traveling sounds where it don’t matter nothing what it sounds like as long as it’s yours. Our own way to portray our own demise from the same ol’ cycle. It is possible rap cycles sloppily from nigga to God to nigga because the only hell we only see is one mission. The one they’s gave us: make that cream. So music can become simpler too even when brothers is from violence boulevards and chaos corners. Cause it’s just American dreams of cream and when teams of schemes are told to sold and who is bold enough to unseam this niggafied stream. The more I’d scream in the lines the more I’m getting in the way of Black progress. But censuring any of my Brown frowning on orchestral drownings just ain’t how I ever got my skillastrating on.

#ScienceOnMusicSERIES: MIKEY AK - NO MORE FREEBIES Mixtape ReviewMikey Ak, another chapter in the oppressed yet realized hustler, with songs of success despite absolutely needing these songs to pay bills. So is it disrespectful to look for skills? Today’s trap track has eliminated the complexity of drum work, the homeland’s dialect diminished to cheap high hat punches at superspeeds and high snap snares.  All that’s left is a powerful and thick bassline boom that will need stylistics and often gets coonery.  Mikey on “Up A Check” has some sincerity because he keeps tempo well enough. In the trap to Boom Bap currency exchange this buys little in the lyrical world but still has some tough funk like all them G-Funk LPs us New York brothers threw away in the mid 90’s. “Reach You” rocks the wack fingersnap snare, airy digi R&B air strings and piano quips and distant bass booms for a drakey love track. “Respect Me” is another moment of sincerity for the Maryland where his flow is more dense and doesn’t fall victim to the poppy double time but still bunches and lumps verbals nicely.  Throughout this short work, really an EP but mis-sold as a mixtape, the production by Drew Beats  is from the abysmal trap school but isn’t cheaply made as all the elements are crisp, clean and bass deeply filled with voice equalizing well off.  The hooks fail as on “Every Other City” and the topics are often cliche where the sincerity comes through for a few bars deep into the verses.

#ScienceOnMusicSERIES: MIKEY AK - NO MORE FREEBIES Mixtape ReviewTrap and all its affiliates, the hustler motif and most of the adhered flows of this decade are completely trash, a commercial formula to sell the most explicit of self hatred and rugged individualism the other man loves to invest in.  No More Freebies is in this school but there are extracurricular cues in here that make me wonder if the Mikey Ak might say something even greater on an official EP or long player. I even took some moments to wonder if Drew Beats would dump all this boom-tickatickatickatickatickatickatickatickatickatickatickatickatickaticka-boom drone sound and use the skills to make some real tough Black music that his precision shows can perform.

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