THE POWER WRITE SHOW, Hosted by SUNEZ, Episodes #1-5

THE POWER WRITE SHOW, Hosted by SUNEZ, Episodes #1-5In June, The Power Write Show premiered, airing via S Street Media on its UStream and Soundcloud forums. Created, produced and hosted by PremiereHipHop’s own Sunez (aka #SkillastratorLO). 

The #PowerWrite show focuses on builds on today’s Hip Hop music, its historical relevance (regarding society and all our musical genres and legacies) from the proper underground counter-cultural perspective, with real research and a journalistic focus of integrity.
It will edutain through this Hip Hop Writer element (creative author/principled journalist/honoring historian) Sunez Allah (also known as #SkillastratorLO as a knighted member of the Lo Lifes Hip Hop organization) helped pioneer. It will further bring life to the over 20 year career as a writer/editor/broadcaster in the Hip Hop media industry and the unique self-styled #ArtOnArt & #ScienceOnMusic pieces published (& still building) here @


Sunez, God of the 5% Nation of Gods and Earths of Boricua (Afro-Arawak) roots, via Sunset Park, Brooklyn, New York and a Lo Life, the street fashion crew that has become a fully fledged Hip Hop organization directed toward all the Hip Hop elements’ arts. Sunez’ work presents, preserves and promotes Hip Hop’s cultural and artistic diversity. In a 20+ year career, Sunez is a major pioneer of his own Hip Hop element, the Hip Hop Writer (A creative author/principled journalist/honoring historian) creating and displaying the concepts of #ArtOnArt & #ScienceOnMusic in his writings. Sunez also known as #SkillastratorLO, is Executive Editor of PremiereHipHop.COM, publishing over 300 articles works, since 1996, spanning Vibe, XXL, The Source,, Stress and countless others as a writer and/or editor. Sunez has also served as an author and editor of major works on the 5% Nation of Gods and Earths including co-editing the Knowledge of Self: A Collection of Wisdom on the Science of Everything in Life, editing The Righteous Way & The Righteous Way: The Golden Jubilee Edition by Starmel Allah. Since 2000, Sunez has been an educator of his own designed P.E.A.C.E. Course, taught weekly, at Allah school in Mecca, the first school of the 5% NGE in Harlem, NYC. Sunez is also a martial arts disciple of Bian Xing Shaolin Kung Fu.


— Who is Sunez?

— What is the Hip Hop Writer element in Hip Hop?

— Principles engaged: Knowledge of Self, Love and Loyalty, Original Creativity

— What is #ArtOnArt & #ScienceOnMusic?

— Major themes: The Golden Age, #DarkAges, #InvisibleRenaissance

— Initial thoughts on Honey Dinero – Lipsticks and Bullets EP

— Rewind back to Kanye and Bruno Mars

— Shouts to: Fly Spread Masters, Guerrilla Grooves Radio, Lumi Lifestyle

— A 2018 overview of some of the best works


— #ArtOnArt ode to Kevlaar 7 (#RememberedInPerfection #RIP)

— FEATURE: Media Mutations: The Leech-Leeches

— Exclusive interview build with Sinnagi & Omnipotent/O7 of Undeniable on their new LP, Knuckle Sandwich


In the latest show Sunez recites more #ArtOnArt, a build on Wynton Marsalis’ comments that Rap is more dangerous than Confederate statues, debuts the Classic Crates feature and even builds on my Mt. Rushmore of MCs.


— MEDIA MUTATIONS: The lie that 2Pac is an entertainer whereas Biggie is an MC

— #ArtOnArt reciting

— Exclusive interview build with Napoleon Da Legend on incredible 6 month run of LPs he’s recently released


The latest show a Solo LP (Long Powerwriting) covering:
— My wonderful experience on the Who’s Styling Who show w/ Khaliah Clark
#ArtOnArt: Ten True & Living RMX
— The Cure The Culture segment: Eliminate Jay-Z from all Hip Hop history existence?
— The principles not in the Pusha T v. Drake battle
— Some more #Art: Ode To A Lebronian, a poem for the obsessed and delusional Lebron is GOAT fan
— Kid Cudi & Kanye new LP- thoughts on this work of Black angst and emo-fueled theatre production
— Sean P homage to his lyricism on his recent posthumous work, Metal Detectors
— Boriken y 4645: The beginning of a serious look at this dreadful peak of colonialism and oppression against all Puerto Ricans and the island of Puerto Rico.

As always, The Power Write Show is a Never #RespectFAKE broadcast.