#ScienceOnMusicSERIES Featuring : N.AVE – BLACK MAGIC EP

#ScienceOnMusicSERIES Featuring : N.AVE - BLACK MAGIC EP By SUNEZ #SkillastratorLO

Jingles. By the killers and rich niggas and you have most of rap. How can we hear all this and differentiate?  You wonder how a leech-leech does it? How do they disregard musical quality, in the throes of the hellish sounds they embraced until the vomit hardened on the walls? And this new shit is the posts most know to lean on. How will you understand the selection process of the bloodsucking penciler penning on the studio enchanted letters of another, ready to mumble his way in? Will you be impressed or succumb to nausea from utter appall?

This takes away from a brother as N.ave, a Jersey brother out in Philly who, when we seasoned ears hear it, is working hard yet still in the process. They say lots of good things to soon win in Philly are at that stage and so this brother. There’s some work being done to construct a song and not just flash battle bars or devolve all life into a jungle, today’s aphorism for niggas. What?! What??!! Ason! I need aspirin but this kind of pain is cured by brothers in the middle ground.

These four cuts cant say it all. Albums been deemed seven songs now. And so one major statement can be taken from four. But what? We can only see some spots but no stretches. Here, I’m hearing it’s not that N.ave is a brother who isn’t “put[ting] everything into my work,” but that we don’t really have a artist development, a listening criteria for those still developing that deserve respect to continue on. The formats are where all this Hip Hop is being lost in confusion.

#ScienceOnMusicSERIES Featuring : N.AVE - BLACK MAGIC EPTechnically, N.ave has a respectable flow as “Gravity” but there is the excitement to jingolize and it produces the expected headache of “Dosumdiffrint.”  In these four tracks, its the presence of too many lit fucking words that need all type of hip prescriptions from the underworld that hop of the pop world to get through these songs. “Black Magic (City of Dreams)” holds more potential, despite the forced inflections. The MC is usually capturing things but sometimes it seems that songs are made just so they feature as a segue into a formulaic drama that has a strip club scene, needs to aurally decorate the homicide setup or transition into the lead character’s search for answers that will be resolved in less than four commercial breaks.  

#ScienceOnMusicSERIES Featuring : N.AVE - BLACK MAGIC EPWe’re tired of battle bars but then where is the prowess play to prove N.ave has the hours upon hours of weight booth training to rhyme? Those skill sets are hard to find because the bars skill tracks are replaced by the I’m-on-my-hustle-and-will-win-epically track.  How will they ball? Will they ball for long? Will it matter if there are haters that try to stop their ball? These are the exciting questions we’ve been led to lust for answers for. N.ave falls in the trap as trappy as the next on these four occasions of Black Magic. Still, N.ave intends to be a songwriter and his storytelling intentions since “Cosby Kids” are sincere and they continue here in flashes of intimate insights on “Gravity” and “Black Magic.”  

Is there an A&R to take this brother’s skill sets and augment them? Is there a producer who will make some mean shit that aren’t just placemats for endless hooks but inspire N.ave to reach some of the fluidity and peaking depth he gets to throughout? Or will the brother just keep making music, refine his tracks out of the lush and into more grit, rhyme for skill as much as he rhymes for intimate sharing and anthemic scoring, and we’ll see Black Magic as an honorable raw beginning? I will it’ll be the latter. I got confidence in the brother.

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#ScienceOnMusicSERIES Featuring : N.AVE - BLACK MAGIC EP#LOVEandLOYALTY A #LoLife

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