A&R, Artist de Repetoire,

Must I peruse your memoir

Miss Magnifique, so much clap clap

Would not dinero see bees neess

Attracted by sugar cause everyone can sprinkle

A dust more white and never thick as honey

Lipsticks of lore and bullets to gore

Our markets are petite and pre-teen

Its how their horror and conquering make our tomorrow?

We need a liar in lily le pure

Tender and soumissionner

Not a gangster wit soul and mission

Zut! my niche souffle is ruined  

Yes Miss Magnifique Honey, wee-weee, remember my fee

It is me, Artist of Repertorie

Here to make thee into famed facade

Yet you are so contrary to all my glee

For with more croissant, more cheese

So stroll with less Soul please?!

You cry, “Leave my snare!”

To all I decree you say, “Laissez faire!


“I will do what I dare,

I’m more than a woman!”

HONEY DINERO - LIPSTICKS & BULLETS EP ReviewI, too. This is the movement I know about.  Sisters that don’t stand on the barrels of truly foul or merely fooled men they take down. Not those bitches out the barrel.  These sisters rap the road to riches and the death of snitches with resumes of techniques like flows and inflections as bodies. One of them has the delicately devastating arrogance and flows as if she was molded out of the 80’s synth funk the most glamorous gals grooved off of.  I, too, witnessed her as she strutted her voluptuousity on stage, bubbling bars with the break and bumpin punchlines through bass bottoms that challenged speakers’ handles. Word, those who missed the intro called her sweet money but we know her as Honey Dinero, a sister that “like(d) nice things but don’t worship them,” a brash stylist, smearing the blood of bullets on her lips and firing stylistics on high treble, anthemically chest paced, Boom Bap.

Lipsticks & Bullets is a debut after years of hard work, barring on bar stages and taking turns on every instrumental you could find. Working videos, letting them notice your beauty if they didn’t get the verses.  Letting verses amaze and then touring to places no one will know starting introductions all over again. Through all the marketing transitions from dropping mixtape to mixtape until a fucking major stops fronting to fronting your own to produce, direct and star in your own videos and found your own labels with your own glue and recorded charismatic cues.

HONEY DINERO - LIPSTICKS & BULLETS EP ReviewAnd Lipsticks & Bullets, with its Colorado mile high snares and boom boom, quick bap drum notes as “No Mercy” reveal her fight to rhyme through the #DarkAges, them 2000’s. “Stay in all black just in case i have to fire the gauge/the pump matches/designer when I hit the stage/Niggas love to engage/they say I’m too sexy for gunplay/that I should hit the runway/but I’m trigger happy…,” she toughs through only to reveal subtleties on “Dream Life,” rising on the organ vamp, pumping the inflection slowly and hits right in the pocket when the break explodes onto the scene.  The cultured horn sampled out of the speakeasy on “Honey’s Theme” she glides with a higher pitch, a softer tone to calmly flex the dominance in elegance. There is a seasoning in adaptability that must be noticed here.

Hear, a wonderfully soulful album, the music is interludes as “More Than a Woman” and “Can’t Get Enough interlude” are just great samples that place Honey as this groovy gestation of Rhythm and Rhyming.   “Go Stay” and “2:25am” become ideal examples of her worth and increasingly diverse potential. The former that ole love ballad over cymbal crashed easy ridden drums with candid confessions and actually stellar R&B vocalizing by Brea Simone. Then the 1,2 thickened thud break of the latter, as she menaces through. You hear the very slight speed pitches to the tempo, a natural sense for the bar where her tone, speed and inflections fluctuate without ever losing timing.

HONEY DINERO - LIPSTICKS & BULLETS EP ReviewHoney Dinero absolutely needs more and more wax space to take her seasoned and still growing technical skills and natural charisma into song spaces where these capers can be lengthened into sagas. And her struggles and triumphs into the chaptered songbooks they deserve to be.

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