#ScienceOnMusicSERIES Featuring : J’MORIS – “K.A.M.” Single VIDEO

jmoris kamBy SUNEZ #SkillastratorLO

A hay of hashtags and the cattle’s been branded, the wranglers gather for supper. Working hard, these Black and Brown soon to be unsung in the moving pictures of tomorrow, how would their videos rope their tools, I wonder. I reckon it’s all wild mare’s milk spilt by the bar. Seeing it sometimes don’t make it all sound better, especially if it never hurdled in the head right.

Does a video betray the song or amplify its own destitute?

I had said, and I quote Skillastrator, “J’Moris, out of Texas, comes out with “K.A.M.” and hails himself a “product of his environment” in his bio. What environment? The sales of your mind, the mind that will only be a product, of that environment that is only the club via their label and into said bank account.” Watching the video, there is more sincerity than I expected from such a noodling, casio-inpsired track.  However, the lack of false pomp in rented hoes, luxurious cars and lavish designed motion wheel systems only enhances the weak bars. Lines like “I get the bag like groceries” that lead into a basic goals of lavishly balling with the next man’s woman. It’s ironic that today’s rappers are hustlers that never lose but their greatest exploits are capturing an enemy’s women so shady morals stay by their side. That’s keeping the team strong or is it a mutated flip of Robert Greene’s laws of ruthless influence in play.

jmoris kam video“Whatch you know about me?!” Not enough brother. You made the same song every brother switching lifestyles records today. Cruising through a very limited amount of rural hood areas tells us there could be so much more to say. Months ago me hears it the same even after he sees it, ““K.A.M.” is a pop song, a modern song, where most ears will only hear outdatedness until it blows up, that turns our most savage pursuits into a jingle for gentrifiers’ posturing, posing and positioning us out of our own cultural expressions.” You gotta put that on you, brother. Blume, bloop, bloop, puh bloop blume...the pop searching synth crumbles on…

Sunez Allah #SkillastratorLO of the LO LIFES

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