JUXX DIAMONDZ – LORD KNOWS LP Review (w/exclusive interview)

a2548078463 16By Sunez #SkillastratorLO

A&R, old maligned bastards these youngins hate today even though they ain’t never met one. I didn’t miss this overseer for a long time in the transition into this independent universe. Let them now record in their camps banding their own ideas, I thought only to ITunes, etcetera etcetera until I spotify the lack of craft. The artist’s repertoires aren’t all developing. And these thousand and one quick exclusives from them niggas yelling they put in work would’ve been old drafts.  The cutting room floor scraps that we take in 1, 2, 3 takes when legends die and its all we have left.

So now, in this A&R-less world, artists are alone to judge or their crews add on usually lacking perspective and/or nerve. So who is left to know? I’m self, lord and master but the steady rise of Juxx Diamondz is consistent and developing as well and as steady as an independent can do. Lord Knows is another rise in the skill sets as he has become greater at song crafting and is working at even more consistent themes.

41020258 10156452254427435 5179512460536709120 nBrooklyn tough is a tradition and it often impairs MCs to stay inside battle bars too long. Add in some night crime hustle and timbs and you’ve completed the thematics.  Juxx has lots of potential to go beyond that even tho this is the heavy benching this album’s been pressed with
Yet, “Long Nights,” he’s able to take us into the world soulfully, “Playing With Fire” has a well seasoned sinister, “Non-Fiction” has that strong, fluid delivery most never learn whilst “Song For My Father,” recorded right after learning of his dear father’s returning to the essence, has a sadness that clings.  

See, I built with Juxx on and off air, through my brother DJ Toshi for his stellar Classic Storm Radio and that one time I realized that Juxx has too many of the special intangibles (vocal presence, rugged tone, expert pacing, soul) for us not to continue to look forward to his releases.  Until those come, we have a strong production, no failures, consistent bangers, that are being varied to challenge the MC. And these challenges and successes, calculated and well dispersed to the people, are where most fail. Not with Juxx. Lord knows. The God certainly do.

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