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Sample the words I wrote under the horn

Let them couple their intentions with the insinuations of your needs

Who I am over who be damned

They look up, them look around, we see inside

Loop never #RespectFAKE and chop prose on perfection and stanzas on revolution.

Songs with no hooks end on repeat to a worthy listener.

In this period of forged peace failing, the scratches drummed my prose

that once was overdue dew I drew onto the vellum

Crates captured a chapter of antebellum…

a0519200600 16Do the knowledge. Listen as loosely as the babies the Zen patriarchs teach. This understanding is a swirling enlightenment. And the culture it makes to bring it to your influence is impressive in its own enjoyment. Let go of all like and dislike and when the words are delivered by the drums, prepped by high hats and amplified by snares. Just listen.  Letters will drip into colors, the volume turns will increase the tint and every hundred bars of perfectly toned brilliance will still seem stinted. These are the kaleidoscopes the ears peer through when the Meditative Choreographer of the #InvisibleRenaissance, Sleep Sinatra, emcees. No longer just collected fragments of verbatim to make the blind, deaf and dumb jiggle. These are essential journeys we rewind and reconstruct for health’s enjoyment.

Some early glasses of water to start the days of the year, a five song barrage of Amethyst. A continuation of the wonderful consistency his incredible EP run of 2017 burned. Thick beats as “Tyronn Lue” he emphasizes the metaphorical work of elevation from player to a coach. And with Nebraska having Sleep be more the MC but a leader in forum making for artists there to the world, it’s no mere hypesheet. “Horrid,” more definitive breaks as he builds on focus through the muck, a major theme of his work. “Anomaly” he drops insights on those losing wisdom for the cash gain after he cleverly metaphorizing himself as an alien and a bear in the space of four bars or so. While this EP is a powerful sustainer of his talents the following…

a1764046493 16Sanctuary EP is an exciting foray through progressive production by August Fanon. There is the digi funk grinding of “Raining Gold,” where Sleep’s vocals power without distorting and his “My kids dinner bought with these raps, now i’m enchanted…” There is the beautiful use of one of them GOATs Donny on “Snake Eat Snake (Samsara)” into a vocal chime where Sleep rhymes intensively, little space between bars, words upon words, “fluidly kicking raps…” The digi horns and rolling drums on “I” hype and Sleep wars through “the devil came in missionary robes…I feel like expression of self is my only tour/pen press the paper til sweat pour and blood is pumping…”  Of all his ‘18 work, this is the proof that musically, Sleep has little bounds. That Fanon certainly can produce for greats. And it all capsizes the ship that led Sleep powerfully through the year, [D] arkangel…

“The body of God, my rhymes just an ill extension…sights of war in my mental keep me fighting, Lord/ it’s all essential/you should study the science more..”  “Divine Intervention”

When MeanWhile flips the cannabillized Mary J. I think of the meals a great production can heal. That is that “My Life” and all its songs that got us to accept R&B that we rocked to sample itself, chew up its own genre in simple jacks to puffed diddies. But Mary sweetly harmonizes now through Roy’s “Sunshine” swirls and Sleep is amazing. Gliding effortlessly like Nebraska had beaches to surf through, he verses, “Due to our collective thought I manifest that see where our people kick the cipher burn a headstash off the dome like where a genius rest at build our own you feel the essence of the zone live forever steadfast solid ain’t a movement that can move me unless they move with me every move is where the truth be…”

I was a lone writeman pen pistoling the hell of uncreativity of R&B sampling itself, stripping it of the challenges of music composing and the dilution of Hip Hop sampling. And yet Sleep and MeanWhile make me see it had to be done just so we could have this song. A song that means there are these songs of [D] arkangel.  Sleep will stay new to so many but in his Long Player of 2018, he is a master of his own made sound. As when he rocks with Stu Bangas, it’s a different jewel that Spit Gemz, that Master of the Universe or Starvin B, that word wizard of all worlds, makes on his beats. Stu on “Annihilation,” leaves the drums clicking in the background and the guitar licks are leading the bassline buh-bump that wallops through. His bars hit so distinct on the the licks that we easily can lose sight how difficult this is especially when Stu is letting the samples bridge out and unlike other MCs (talking the good MCs not even the shit rappas) who stumble the minute the basic measure of the track reaches an extended moment.

a2263135039 16And the more he rhymes, the more easy Sleep makes it and for months I wondered that [D] arkangel has nothing I haven’t heard so what can the God say. Did my brother Sleep just sleep through these 44 moments with Love, Hell or Right seconds?! The truth is that it’s Kyrie dribbling another game, Steph shooting another four quarters, Jordan with another enemy across from him. The lyricism never stops its clever epic-ness (“the attributes are Godly, move my wooly naps and bronze feet through the odyssey,” – “Temple of the Thuggee”) nor it’s pictorial brilliance to the mission to prevail hells (“Survive the gluttons, dark days and times of suffering/the heart stays when the mind is wandering/I parlay with the likes of hustling/not for the shine, on the contrary, life is humbling” – “Noob Saibot”).

Musically, the sounds are dynamic from TCOR’s funky keyboard and live snared up drumming on “B.I.E.,” the bells, chimes and guitar stringing through KVMI’s “Temple of the Thuggee,” Farma Beats’ hard plucked guitar riffs on “Pancho in the Villa,” the soulful glowing and sharp 1,2 break on Illastrate’s “Waking Life.”  Sinatra’s selective process comes from a diverse group but they merge into a wonderfully cohesive smooth, string heavy funk.

SLEEPDeep in the lotus positions of [D] arkangel is battle bars taken to a level of art prose and poetic vignettes that solidify the thematic reality of Sleep Sinatra. A reality of a warrior with massive fight in a pen directed by knowledge and insight. And this Older God her still skillastrate the bestowing, “OGs bestow me with the title ‘Chosen’/ from a misinterpreted era of vital spokesmen/omen for the imitations I’m the sound approaching/that’s how it goes, they celebrate the ability/cause I’m from where niggas ain’t guaranteed a victory/making my mark now, apparently it’s history…” (“Divine Intervention”).

…Who so samples my life can charge through the royalties in my course

From Puerto Rican descent,

true and living God ascent

Equalize that well read Sunset spic accent, oppression I circumvent

Sleep Sinatra 7777Plus lessons interpolate Blue in Green

Refinement, the focus of a supplement

Power, the influence to rewind the horrors for clues

Mixed in an equality of sung blues so the soldiers would see the news

The northern needs,

the eastern eats,

the western ways


the southern adorances

Almighty all ways…

Sunez Allah #SkillastratorLO of the LO LIFES

The organization of these principles around a counterculture, an expressive arts of creation that uplifts the ideas and thoughts of an oppressed people, is why I’m an honored builder amongst legends, knighted by heroes of Medina (Rakim Supreme Shabazz Allah/Rudy Lo, Thirstin Howl the 3rd, Bonz Malone) to further create in my element as a Hip Hop Writer (creative author/principled journalist/honoring historian) of #ArtOnArt & #ScienceOnMusic. So the world may find love that locks in with the action of loyalty though they may never find another writer with my kind of grammar…


Living and sharing the pillars of:




Peace, Sunez Allah

#SkillastratorLO #PowerWrite