All from a hold of twine

out that same damn LO sweater

Memories, fractals of flesh,

Factor of ten in hand.

The eidolon of enemies,

peripheral worries populate the trodden lands.

It’ll be a different day one rising to come

And you and Ralph’s stitch won’t be tested

The new Polo Crest

and that other big pony cable knit cardigan

gon be the first strangers you adorn.

Never to learn that battles

and their flares dressed the cotton.

That the many incense with origins

from India to Harlem

have infused charisma into the movements

in the fabrics

of that once LO down lonely garment.

Too often the garments of our poverty are exchanged without emptying the pockets of pilfered principles

Like that home sewn two double L patches clamped on the grey goose

Never forget the night I wrote something well enough to hail InI,

the new champion build

Darned to a selvage that could never #RespectFAKE


That same damn LO sweater

HAILE ALI x KYO HITACHI - BLACK NINJUTSU Inter-ReviewNo matter how terrible the abuse from mutations of the music into subgenres of rigid pop. No matter the reverse toxicity masquerading as female empowerment, the bitchessess turn to sellout, #RespectFAKE and hypocritize the ethos. And no matter that the pills are now hits and you’ll never know chuckling okurr at the sparse flash memories that persist into old age.

The God said the shit is wack to me. I said me too. Cause for the select, this shit still a culture toward excellence, that is, artistically expressed understanding that powers an equality reaffirming our supremacy. Our sincere responsibility towards ourselves, humanity and the entire world. A near impossible feat so we can’t fuck with weakness on the mic. So we find a master of Black Ninjutsu.

HAILE ALI x KYO HITACHI - BLACK NINJUTSU Inter-ReviewHAILE ALI x KYO HITACHI - BLACK NINJUTSU Inter-ReviewHaile Ali, a young brother debuting behind some of the best backdrops Kyo Itachi has ever offered, has shared an essential collection of his ideas dynamically delivered with Black Ninjutsu. The preparation of Black Ninjutsu is in his early 2015 EPs, Completion Of The Great Work and Silk Road, that showed the stuttered sprint of delivery (“Intro: Completion of the Great,” “TerRa dOMe”), drive to layer (“tEWahEdO,” “Skull X Crossbones”) and the feel for content (“The hOaX,” “Sole Controller”). With Ali selecting a blend of Kyo Itachi tracks that have often have powerful avant garde Jazz tones, Black Ninjutsu is a complete Long Player of an MC’s spectrum of ideas and insights in a creative peak.
HAILE ALI x KYO HITACHI - BLACK NINJUTSU Inter-ReviewI met the God Haile Ali as both of us were invited guests on The Bankai Hour Radio Show on BBox Radio earlier in the year. Another wonderful idea from the Hip Hop great Skanks, the MC/host extraordinaire who led the show. When you meet a brother with Knowledge Of Self, you expect to meet an A-Alike. When they are younger than you, you want to sit back and see greatness ever emerging. As he freestyled on the wonderful obsession with RZA 95-96 instrumentals that night, his hunger fed the whole cipher.  He stood in front of the mic and rock, swerved his words, a Qi from that was going from the Dan Tian and making its way from the toes through the arms, powering out the lungs and through the wisdoming understanding in the breath. Whether off the instrumental or on it, rhyming or building, Haile is a reservoir of thoughts that must be expressed. This is where Black Ninjutsu gets its power from.

HAILE ALI x KYO HITACHI - BLACK NINJUTSU Inter-ReviewHaile is an MC with exceptional techniques not merely mastering them but altering and breaking rules to compose unheard aural murals. Knowledge the idiosyncratic thrust, that near hiccup right on the end of so many of his phrases and punchlines. It’s also the key to the abruptness in his character as he build with no qualms.  On “Root Doctor,” you can hear a stuttered glide that rarely exists because most can’t layer internal rhyming so casually as this, “this be my dissertation/ proceeding my thorough nation/ before I get stipulated on my solar station/now you in the opera of the Root Doctor/you better move proper…” The lead video single, “Cusah Heights” literally is a whole flow made of chopped phrases with pauses at the most intriguing moments. Understand the bassline and where the snare is going over a few listens. Then listen to Ali again. Ali is not in the typical pocket but actually next to the pocket on it, a place the majority of MCs don’t even think of trying, let alone dare. It’s a consistent chopped 5 or so syllables then break then a few more. With Haile accenting some of the bars in patois and inflecting throughout, the stylistic appeal is magnified. As Haile rhymes more, his own enunciation and clarity will increase and these revolutionary techs will only become greater. “I ain’t even reach my zenith the foundation is infinite much more wisdom to manifest..” Haile then phrases smooth and deeply in the expected break pocket Kyo provides on “Dr. Irvine.


Sunez x Haile Ali

All of these variegated flows are packed with lyricism as on his classic ending to the “Blakk Ninjutsu” barring, “My sifus told me to see fools you see through/you sneeze through and ease drop I bust off your snot box/it’s the Buffalo soldier with the boombox/ sound in a congo crown heading a mile.” Through Black Ninjutsu, the techniques dress the creation of a powerful thematic MC truth of a warrior with Knowledge Of Self. One that doesn’t lose focus for the city science amidst all the high science (“we’ll speak about those spaceships another day… an idle mind is a jungle gym for devil’s play” – “Heaven Meets Earth”), displays alyric dexterity of extensive metaphors and similes (“White Crane Spread Wings”) and drops jewels constantly (“your belly goes soft unless you hustle and use the muscles of your mind/so I bench press Pro Tools with my vocals…” – “Dr. Irvine”) and profoundly (“Live the mathematics out/see your self- style…” – “Universe Is Everything”).

Musically, these are the best collected music’d breaks from Kyo Itachi recorded to a thematic gem. The speaking horn on the chorus of “Brother’s Keeper” through a hard 1,2 break with cymbal crashes and a thumbed bassline giving a live sonic. The deep horns and plodding snap drums on “Walk the Land,” the flute flowing and hiccup high hat and collapsed snare on “Heaven Meets Earth,” the crying strings and bass drums on “The Universe Is Everything,” the harmonizing bassline and steady smack snare drums on “Splurge On The Demiurge,” are some of the amazements with powerful cuts and scratches a steady addiction on intros and choruses.

The God Haile Ali, through Kyo Itachi’s addictive illness, has made an essential debut LP with Black Ninjutsu. As the world works to excuse the bullshit around them, a mere lift of the veil on the #InvisibleRenaissance and we now have its next great emcee.

Sunez Allah #SkillastratorLO of the LO LIFES

The organization of these principles around a counterculture, an expressive arts of creation that uplifts the ideas and thoughts of an oppressed people, is why I’m an honored builder amongst legends, knighted by heroes of Medina (Rakim Supreme Shabazz Allah/Rudy Lo, Thirstin Howl the 3rd, Bonz Malone) to further create in my element as a Hip Hop Writer (creative author/principled journalist/honoring historian) of #ArtOnArt & #ScienceOnMusic. So the world may find love that locks in with the action of loyalty though they may never find another writer with my kind of grammar…


Living and sharing the pillars of:




Peace, Sunez Allah

#SkillastratorLO #PowerWrite