The Legend of Cobo Mountain and the Lo Life Volley Valley

The Legend of Cobo Mountain and the Lo Life Volley Valley


The Legend of Cobo Mountain and the Lo Life Volley Valley

(Part Negative 666)

Spit script flipped and writ by: UNICRON DON (DX 21) @dx21dasun

It’s been 22 long hard years, we’re still struggling / Phallus riding writers got us bugging / But we’re alive on arrival / We peep at the shape of the streets / Then place our views on the “Ill Street Blues” on paper sheets / thumbed into cell phones or dictated in speech / The width of our wingspan is longer than your reach / and far exceeds your grasp / The job of a journalist is to taking slobs to task / Rip you Anu one is the path of our journalist graf / I got five dollars on it for an Uber or cab / Take your wack around the corner to the Rap Rehab

The Legend of Cobo Mountain and the Lo Life Volley Valley

(credit: KNXTTI)

 This nigger here ain’t no nigga; he’s Jesus Negus! Such a good Christian, this negus became Christ! This negus flipped bibles verses in ways that put J-Dub brainwaves in hearses. He now writes his apostasy in cursive. Average niggas nowadays don’t appreciate the struggle of when we were niggers because now they too busy being religious with being niggas. Never ignorant getting goals accomplished in the hate you gave little infants that fucks no one but ourselves. Like flooding airwaves with hypersexual, misogynistic, suicidal ideated, hyper violent, death style instead of lifestyle inducing among Bastards of the Party, genocidal social engineering agenda promoting, intelligence quota assaulting and insulting, capitalistic victimization and consumerism propaganda pill popping, repetitive and reductive rendition rending, syrup sipping sheeple people booger flicking out their cotton picking minds minimized melodies. George W. Bush on the flight deck. Mission Accomplished!

Reckless third eyeball the run down in the run on. This Negus’ uzi weighs a ton and Hiphop ain’t Logan’s Run.  H.I.M seh like the John Crow: “Older Gods,” them negus tripped over red and have “Love Scars” too. Negus was like: Niggas be like: ‘BITCH!!! Miss me with hashtag me too. Get on your knees and do like we do!!!’  Don’t act like you don’t understand the Harveys of the world have stock in making def jams. I looked up and was like damn! Thought back in flashback; scene went hazy, wavy, and all that. We morphed to the 90’s when our Timberlands were grimey and we was real life crimeys and niggers who knew the half and others were behind me. Mathematics was styling. I was parked in sunset. Didn’t do the one to the total sum yet.  Still had to Knowledge Me.

The Legend of Cobo Mountain and the Lo Life Volley Valley

Unicron Don & SkillastratorLO

Copycat Supercat shows up to chat. This “Iron Lion Zion” wants to get down like that. Negus caught the vapors off the columns in college papers. I put H.I.M. on. He put me on. To this day, the story goes on. You see, I knew I was a killer bee; Negus just showed me the swarm.  The Black Man is God is still the name of the song. Now he lives on cobo mountain and Dasun is the dawn. In Jah maker, the mountains are John Crow. But still Oshun and Olodumare are conveyed in the flow. Lao Tzu would be proud. Abraham and his hicks, their necks turn red at the alignment of our mind detect mind. Yacub’s rules and regulations are now the laws of attraction. Like Dumar Wa’de would say; reversed polarity this day.

Back to life. Back to reality. Ninjas and niggas be dead ass zombie. Fela would put on Filas and bury them in yuh batty. Wake up niggas! You negus. We don’t believe you. You don’t need more people. There’s a lie in the middle of believe.  We can’t achieve being believers. Ankh-El Bob let it go. Better to best know and be more blessed as best Noah; the knower of his arc. The mission of the suli man negus, cobo john crow, red-eared slider and red-tailed hawk, is to flow with totems and kick the fake up in their scrotums.

IG: @dx21dasun

Editor’s Note: In cobo bobo loco lobo world there are four classes of melanated Hiphop masses; the nigger, the nigga, the ninja and the negus. RED AH RED!!! #spitscript #cobobobo #wildcherokee



The Legend of Cobo Mountain and the Lo Life Volley ValleyDX 21 DASUN


Sparked by Lord Jamar of Brand Nubian and Ason/Asun Unique of Wu-Tang Clan; “DX 21” DASUN IMANUEL was struck by knowledge of self like a Jeru lyric on the eve of 1995. A mental Bootcampian Champion, he then swore a pledge of loyalty ‘til death and death before dishonor to walk the TUPH STREET of music journalism and roam in zones where Bonz Malone once stood alone; destined to forever craft literary graf.  After making  Around the Way Connections with Star & Buc Wild, he was initiated into Hiphop’s Sith as Darth Maul by Darth Sidious himself, Troi Torain. This led to writing gigs with MTV and ultimately Hot 97 and Power 105.1 in New York. Along the way, he was BEATDOWN and suffered severe STRESS, adding charges to his RAP SHEET and sending letters to RAP PAGES.  By 2001, he found his VOICE in the village.  In 2004, as his brother who liked it raw graced a mournful cover, DX 21 joined The Source in a way that would make Abraham Hicks get sick. He went on to be strong in HIP HOP WEEKLY, saw HIP HOP WIRED, started RHYMES & DIMES, busted off BOOMSHOTS and studied 120 Lessons at ALLAH SCHOOL IN MECCA where he named and co-founded the P.E.A.C.E. Course with his beloved brother, SUNEZ.

Nowadays if he’s not on PREMIERE HIP HOP popping off on pop culture rap, or waxing poetic on the politricks, “DX 21” DASUN IMANUEL is building with THE FIVE PERCENTER; propagating the ESSENCE and being sure he represents for DX 21 PRESENTS.

All above is written 25,000 years in advance to manifest in the bliss of the blessed djali juju and mojo of COBO BOBO!!!