By SUNEZ aka #SkillastratorLO

No card?
Then you cant continue to facade.
No mask?DJ Muggs x Rigz Gold
You cant proceed the placebo
So I gotta keep it real,
slow dollar to honorable sense
And breath in all the oxygen
An ox pushing his cart,
What a dhamma to pada
The others carried lamas
but got shot by Thug Pharma
It’s just papers in places
that turned into played pages
A book of oppression
lined with gold foiled stamping
The future reads as old toils and stomping…again

DJ Muggs collaboration albums are show and prove hot seats where the said MC has reveal the degree to which he will excessively build immaculate material, destroy the very last doubts of his excellence and born songs that catapult into their repertoire as signature songs. The forum of DJ Muggs music in this era of the #InvisibleRenaissance, these 2010’s onward, has been an amplification of his earlier collaboration albums with GZA and Planet Asia, specifically. They either will make another classic album (Grandmasters) or create a definitive work (Pain Language). As with Asia it may also signify  their liberation into another higher level of exceptional MCing. Some of the recent Muggs albums MC performances were only quality and not revealing of this until Rome Streetz last year. With Gold, Rigz is clutch, exhibiting his strongest MC gifts and songwriting talents that has been in peak from since 2019’s The Only Way Out w/Mooch and the  Roach Gutta Slums LP,  2019’s Substance Abuse LP produced by Futurewave and last year’s Wake Ups.    

Rigz, styled by a high pitch voice that coats itself around the beat, accentuating with strong articulation and well manipulated inflection, is steeped in the slow to mid tempo. With ponderings and insights that cement braggadocio of ever surviving hustlers or highlight the struggles. There are so many powerful crime rhyme lyricists in this era where A&Rs are the artist and (they own) reviews of their own progress. It leads to songs with excessively savage detail but also incredibly pensive insights that humanize the illegal life that so many great songs and bullshit pop records glorified. Never lacking context, the ethos most righteous are picked apart from the bloodied concrete (“Wish being solid and transparent was trendy/ Maybe I try that on, official n*ggas gon add on that” – “Supreme”), pensive remorse for those who can’t (“they say blessed child that could hold his own/But what about the ones who don’t know how?” – “Supreme”) and carried it all through into Hip Hop (“So go in and lay down, don’t sleep on ya dream/The team gon make a break, you gotta know who you bring/I guard ya life like mine…” – “Supreme”).  The insights Rigz brings are based on perspective thrown to our perception at the right moments as the chorus of “Never met a real gangster that still wanna be gangsta/ you could tell by his stature he’s never met danger” (“Never Met A Real Gangsta”). Punctuated by his emphatic “Stuupid!,” Rigz has brings this grim world he survives to thrive through, simplifies it with his code of realness (“the joint on and it ain’t that deep…anti with snakes and leeches that like to dick ride/ keep em out ya circle cause teams fall from the inside/ nothing you can do with me/ musically I beat on you niggas and do it beautifully smooth but very brutally…” – “Fool’s Gold”). The details of the braggadocio are extravagant (“Gunpowder on my sleeve it’s a different cologne” – “What We Got”)and his modulation steeps it in clever smoothness as, “There’s radiation in my crack/ I don’t fuck with the stove/ be easy, what you say could get you graffiti’d” (“Cook Offs”).  There is the layering of “Every Season,” the very tear that i never shed every fear that I ever bled/seen niggas get cases cause they ain’t into the bag/ you only tough in your head…,” or the dynamic in pocket flow of “Heads On The Wall” or the glide on “We Want In.” 

Musically, Muggs again brings the Soul Assassins mentality sampling for the darkest and grittiest ambience from the bluesy chords that become a vocal cry on the driving 1,2 drums on “Fool’s Gold,” the wails through the trucking high hats and warping on “What We Got,” the long slow methodical drummin through equally stretched strings on “Never Met A Real Gangsta,” the live tempoing through a piano chime on “Heads On The Wall,” or the frenetic drum rolling and electric guitar short smash on “Crack The Code.” 

In this #InvisibleRenaissance, there are no up and comers that are suddenly this great. You just wasn’t doing the knowledge and Muggs gets to help unveil them even more. As expected, Rigz shines like an excavated gold nugget.

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