4MEGAH & Methodmaticz – Killah Monkz LP Review

Killah MonkzBy SUNEZ aka SkillastratorLO

Before we climbed to the peak of Mount Morris
To learn the ways of brutality towards peace
We walked through the revolution of Marcus Garvey Park
After we became enrolled students
with Knowledge of Self curriculums,
120 lessons through Supreme Math dialect
The revelation was that it all costs money
From the integrity of an ethos
to the honor of an act,
even the righteousness of the work
They cost in opportunity bills
The ones you’ll never have
cause you’ll never get to go get them


Steeped in the rugged lyricism, entrenched in dark beats and ever emboldened by the words of the late great Popa Wu (Remembered In Perfection Freedum Allah), 4Megah and Methodmaticz unite as Killah Monkz. This is a record that has a somberness that I understand as so much of it is filled with the developed mindsets of men affected by the intimate builds of Popa Wu.  The majestic flute floating on “Star Spearz,” where 4Megah meditates verbatim, “what you going through?/ Let us walk with you/ survival music for those who need and can really use it / take a break from the shootouts and drug deals/ tough guy talk that is often not real/ sometimes we need something our souls can feel/ tonight’s meal could be your last/ it’s that real…” Through Popa Wu building on “Allah World Manifest pt. 1” that “you have to complete the cipher that you was just in” and “Knowledge The Wisdom” sharing the understanding that “God is Man and Man is intelligent…A man that’s intelligent that exists in a world of righteousness.” I love and miss my big brother Popa Wu and so do the Killah Monkz.

And that love unleashes itself in the fury of the chambers Popa Wu always envisioned would take the knowledge and add on a cipher. The sirening and bottom drum blare of “Touch of Death” to “Solar Quest” where Methodmaticz energy is so much more amplified than his smooth sinister work of 2021’s Le Feu EP. The layered stream of conscious verse on “See Them Run”  from Methodmaticz, the flute pocket 4Megah’s bars flutter in on “Golden Wingz,” the battle builds on “Seven Steps” (“We’re being hunted by the grafted man on stolen land/why does he fear the devil now that he is a grown man?/ The same reason why niggas fear what they don’t understand” – 4Megah), the stylistic tempo of chopped inflections from Methodmaticz filld with cleverness (“It’s all a phrase until it becomes a phase”) on the beautiful horn and slowed marching drums on “Monkz Bluntz.” Musically, Methodmaticz crafts a monastery of melodies relying on the simplicity of the sublime from the fluted meditations mentioned to the simple strong guitar plucks on a long bassline of “Belly Of The Slumz,” the epic horns on a driving bass thump underneath “Cut Clean,” or the high tinkling piano melody on an amazing bassline grumble note on “Seven Steps,” this entire score is who they are, brothers related to the Wu-Tang tree via the life tutelage of Popa Wu. 

A wonderful and inspiring dedication to our big brother, the legendary Freedum Allah.

You stay in the monastery of your supremacy
The world will never see you dance
They’ll never hear you sway, swerve or swoon
Now Cipher!
They won’t be repulsed by anything done coon
The money you’ll never make
is the cost of supremacy.
The Blue Cliff Record suggests this reality.
The Tao Teh Ching unravels its nature.
The Dhammapada subtly reveals the manner.
Until today,
the violent killings a monk engages in
have yet to be recorded overtly.


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