Lord Jessiah Time Waits For No One By SUNEZ aka SkillastratorLO

Every tick a click and every tock a clack
We train to duck guns of pigs, savages’ fists and kicks all in vicious quickness
But lost love shocks, vax shots and frienemy darts keep causing indefensible sickness
My brother dies ageless and the only art that heals must be timeless
So Remember In Perfection that tiny Queen
That life of a moving painting
Now to be ever steeped in colors of introspection
Born of the brushwork of the finest ilk
Love for your daughters make every minute a mission,
Every hour an unloaded clip
I only have these words that spread gallons of ink
The tear is at the comma, the pause before the wrath of healing
Action paintings with clips of Actuality
Seen and read everywhere
But the more you know the work ethic
the less you know about the work just shared,
Quantum theory in a pen
My builds are entangled,
If you know me, my understanding behooves me,
Like LO cross flags in unison with the wind
At half mast saLLute now
As Jessiah’s songs reminisce and revitalize
Under the veils of this Invisible Renaissance
These wonderful paintings of love play vividly

“Been true and living before it became a trend,” but you might forget the God because in this era, incredible works only five years ago is an aged crate. For Jessiah, by the end of 2017, he had solidified himself as one of the era’s strongest producers, following his 2013 debut, G.O.D. (Grounds of Detroit) LP, producing Phillie’s Crimeline Chronicles LP in 2014 and releasing the incredible Grounds Of Detroit Vol.2 (The Wrath Of God) in 2017. The latter record filled with his productions at a peak of bassline brilliance and unique musicality, his MC skills revealed a vast elevation. Then the many hells of life reared their grip on time. 

These records give a reason to talk of worthy men and women who have taken years, months and days in some combination to express themselves in aural canvases. Yet the moments that make all of these bars of grind, war, love, loss and triumph are only consumed as a latest product. Breakbeat tops for sound custies cause when the sound finishes blowing out the pipe, weren’t we to find a better type? For this writer, these sounds are the memories of brotherhood, proofs that Black supremacy was captured as a gift to the present and anchors of inspiration as we continue to swim these 9000 miles of oppression. This record, Time Waits For No One, is so much more than its breakbeat parts and orchestral cogs, fly lyric lines and vocal techs. You hold it like a memorial card, the ones given to by those who mourn but know there’s no mystery. The wonderful energy of those no longer here thrive in joy in the mind. It is fifteen songs filled with the knowledge and power that Jessiah has assembled and expressed to offer homage to the loss of his stillborn daughter, so remembered in perfection. A tragedy where now every next setback, pitfall and oppressive matter will weigh monumentally. It is then a score, composed by Bronze Nazareth, another master poet and producer, laid out as rugged matte paper stocks letting Jessiah reveal his ever increasing excellence as an MC.

Lord jessiahThese handful of years equate to a record that is filled with massive energy and intensity. The somberness of its inspiration is funneled into fruits of developed writing, delivery and songwriting on Jessiah’s part. The sounds are epic as the baritone wails on “Audubon” where he defines his militancy against oppression and their energy is peaked by dynamic opening lines as “Approached by the end of my wits/ I’m stressed…” on Bronze’s cascading horns and drums that always knock at the right tempo on “Sermon On The Mount.” Or “Unlimited Jewels” where we are engulfed in by Bronze’s atmospheres and Jessiah’s chorus lines, “Composite logic, unlimited jewels/ masterful builds built pyramids with primitive tools/ you know the rules/ get your arms bent to opposite directions/ the mack are the guns that shoot the sun out/ the perfect weapons…”

The increased vocal clarity enunciation due to greater projective power in Jessiah’s pitch let us hear the smoke all over “Rotten To The Veins” with, “These assed out routes are too familiar like death clings to the hearing impaired/ still blinded by light but feel me in braille/ but buried in blight is minimal cares/ then the max alloted guns get beaded/Gillette edged/ this the cloth cut from gangster’s threads…” There is Jessiah’s high pitch intensity, in a wonderful rolling flow with bars completely syllabically arranged on “G.O.D. Hour” where he blasts out that “Even in the depths of my struggles I’m pressing forward…” after Bub Rock offers one of his most energetically gliding verses (“I bridge the gap, cut the ribbon with scissors/Jessiah do the justice/ suckers slither/ 85ers thinking I’m some other nigga…”) after more of Bronze’s great burst phrase vignettes (“Doped out the track/ Got tracks/ Look how the Gods control the rap/ the bear come with a drum/ rock and roll rap/ watch a soldier work/this is how you mold the work/cobra curse/ Rock Season greetings light it up like a holy church!” Then Jessiah fires off again, “the flood comes so tread water…so word to my stillborn daughter/not taking orders/ now the rabbit got the gun and the scope and it’s so gorgeous…” One of the verse peaks clearly is on “Veteran’s Run” as the first verse is filled with quips that reformulate cliches in wordplay (“the ax to the olive branch”) then reaching an absolutely sublime run of alliteration, “Menacing mic manners/ Magnificent move mountains mightily/ Mangle men militant / Mincemeat/ murderous Michigan/  Multiple marksmen/ Microphones multiply mayhem / Metalwork messages made merit / Meet your maker miraculous marinater /The package that decimate ya.”

These songs all progress the potent themes Jessiah represented as the insightfully written, “Mystery Pie,” where, as a 5 Percenter, Jessiah, one of the Gods of the 5 Percent Nation of Gods and Earths, builds on the failing desires of people manifest in them expecting things they haven’t earned, dealing with a mystery to feed them. All of this to the essential song, “Broken Man,” a moment that has made it more than difficult for this writer, who sees Lord Jessiah as his brother, one of the most extraordinary songs I have ever had to listen to repeatedly with immense difficulty.  “A broken man/father without a child/ pain is my reality/half hearted hugs and forced smiles/ welcome to hell’s tribulations and trials/ the rough road ahead of me/ you wouldn’t last a mile/ never see her smile/ hold her as a child/ walk her down the aisle/ blossom into a rare flower…” all blasted in a intense and even speedier than expected tempo, as if these words would never be said on the somber keys pumped by bottoming drums kicking him along.  To be able to complete this song, I think, has made Jessiah a poet, an MC, that will truly be able to express anything he feels and sees with a special ease.

This album was originally a short EP to just help this great man, Lord Jessiah Allah, create what he creates so powerfully, Hip Hop music, because one of his most blessed creations returned to the essence. As we listen to this Long Player of a long road, his own burgeoning talents with word spoken rhythmically expounded into a treasure trove of memorials, one of the most intimate warrior confessions you’ll hear. I will that we place it proudly in our crates. 


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