Fly Anakin Frank By SUNEZ aka SkillastratorLO
Rewind, I write about the music
Fast forward, I documented an era
Play, today, the best, past the exposed veils
Keep telling yall the songs are just papers in, on and around places
that turned into played pages
They got realities like
The strife of the chrome is blown disarrayment
They only love the dome with ensuing payment
Them, they, the other suckers, #RespectFAKE
They got putrid rules and regulations too, like
Who you laid? Ass activism
Who gets fucked? All past dogmatism
Oppression now’s a cry for more privilege
So Revolution is an app,
downloaded by horny undecidables
But I wont download, never Crown sold
Remember I’m just the Lone Lo Life
with the home sewn garment
Patches of ancestors on my sleeves
Cling to ol’ Bian Xing, holding barred beads,
Today’s math, principles prepped in plus lessons
Another sutra to an uncommon man commences…

They labeled Fly Anakin’s music neo-Boom Bap but that doesn’t explain shit. Neo-Soul is named such and works because R&B definitely had a distinct break with musicianship via commercialization (of course it’s that!) that returns using the weapons that destroyed it as  sampling – this isn’t the place to throw the build how albums as Mary J. Blige’s (the original OMG doll) classic My Life LP is a seminal album that forces non Hip Hip cultural sampling in making R&B, and thus any other, music. No chops, hiding the sample or deep dug loops. Just easy shit like Barry and Ayers. So Neo-Soul is a refreshing return to original music playing yet still incorporates sampling (often the properly creative Hip Hop cultural way). Neo Boom Bap is a sloppy title because for all the soundslop and trap subgenres, the musicality of Hip Hop music making never died off. It was only veiled so it continued to evolve positively just as it did negatively. So Neo Boom Bap is a way to not explain why artists like Fly Anakin have music that samples so well with integrity and yet has a progressiveness that gives his music his own chaos it needs. 

Fly AnakinAnakin’s music is Boom Bap the way nearly every work I cover is. It is also progressive because it has no intention to honor particularities but always find the right music to break that will let him tell his story. From the reflections of his reality, commentaries and battle bars, Frank is an exciting long player journey that is engaging in new ways each listen.  Anakin’s high pitch voice goes breathless but not in smoothness but in a haste of chugging intensity. Galloping into his next breath to his next words, neighing with inflections and hurdling wordplay that amplify observations we see in such a poetic manner. “Nobody in this world is thug enough to hold a secret/ My soul ponder today, how real can I keep it?/Watch niggas throw on they costumes, watch y’all believe it…” on “Ghost” with Like’s simple soft keys on a plodding drum that bass pounds.  The immaculate high speed crescendo versing on “WaxPoetic” that releases fury on Ohbliv’s tender guitar licks and high piano accents with, “The facts intact my old soul was interfering/ Suffered back to back it’s all because of my appearance/ Turned tears to raps cause whites testing my endurance/ We was past it, turned the guns to those pasty bastards/ Made me savage when these flows was average/ Make me lavish pay for flights to Paris/ Shit’s hilarious, hit me with some merits…” The Anakin attack theme is on oppression and its deeply intimate effects on our mentality as “Bad Business (Killswitch”) as he self produced a drum that is on an endless reset causing it thump all over a distant howl loop and an overt steady tsst-ing high hat. His breathless bursting is a stream-of-conscious with a center theme exceptionally relating with, “You know I keep it Kemetic/ my skin resemble God/ We fossils, independent relentless just children off the spinach/ Never listened, still sound expensive behold the white lies and sins we repent them/ Centerfolds bent em/ GMO in the kitchen/ garlic cookie, private listens/ Fly vision, the wise get him…” 

Fly Anakin1All of this is Boom Bap yet it’s taking the innovations that Roc, Ka, Alc, Craven and others have added on and lyrically and/or musically and run with them. A melding of the deep dig loops and  drumless grooves as “Love Song (Come Back),” “Bag Man” or “Underdog Theme” with the ideal breaks of “Bad Business (Killswitch),” “Ghost,” or “Black Be The Source.” It’s the equalizing and emphasis on the drums as “Black Be The Source” or the grooves (aka pocket!) in “Bag Man” or “Poisonous Primates” which clearly are breaks. Anakin words normal sayings differently (“Grip the coattails that’s if you must but you won’t catch these niggas running round with us” – “Sean Price”) and has an uncanny poetic wording in relaying mental anguish we go through (“I’m pacing, like why the fuck I’m waiting/ Sitting patient for some shit that I own/ Contemplating facing this one/ The stress don’t matter throw in the shatter/ Make a marriage, between light and the dark/ This is the ladder”). Anakin is a stylistic militant with a deep Black consciousness and has crafted his rhythmic poetry into a progressive and invigorating debut LP.


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