nujericans la ruta naturalBy SUNEZ aka SkillastratorLO

Boricuas on the set
Our equality’s a threat
Boricua, morena
These are the peaks of the diaspora
Lamento Borincano
The Pearl of the Seas
Incites the whirl of the G’s expertise
A Natural Route
Past all the facades of clout
Animals in the pendulum of war and love clave the break
Coquí, Co-quí!
Yankees unfitted, families quilted
Coquí, Co-quí!
Transhumanist massacres, non-GMO births
Coquí, Co-quí!
Soundslop ejected, Renaissance invested…


While the world goes wound and wound, so many diminish the worth of our whole diaspora, the Black with different drums, shades that won’t pass and oppressors all around and across the waters. So it continues to remain special, for the cultura of Boricuas, the great Puerto Ricans speak without hindrance of surrounding ignorance and defiantly display their athleticism as MCs of wit and wind throughout La Ruta Natural.  Since their powerful debut solo LP, A La Mala, Sol Zalez kept the Nujerican flag up with an instrumental LP of note (The Jamitorium) as well as forming a duet with Light the Emcee becoming Secret Scientists for the high quality Beware of the Beaker LP. Now with La Ruta Natural, Joey Dynomite and Sol Zalez engage in all that they see as the simple, most natural route to executing music that reflects their ideas, intensity, skills and roots.


Joey Dynomite & Sol Zalez are Nujericans

As with the most ideal Boom Bap music, the depth of their work is uncovered with multiple listens, after many listens of pure enjoyment through beat selection, dexterity displays and skits and sampling that accentuate the Boricua lenses they see into New Jersey and out into the whole world. Skills: the breathless flows (“you know it’s real/I run through your Slomin’s Shield/better change your locks/ you know my recipe/ even in my Polo Hi Tech fleece/ I choose to not sweat the beef if necessary/ effortlessly I move with the breeze, into the next degree/ estimate to see if it’s even worth the expense to proceed” – Joey Dynomite on “Ugly”) filled with layered verses (“Descript sorcerer/ look soft at ya/ with six teams aimed you six pricks/ pristine Nauticas/ was the trouble spit born down by double digits/ and now the hustle bubbles living and everybody and they mama fucking with it!” – Sol Zalez on “Did That Shit”).  The unified chorus of “Ugly,” the staggered pace Joey keeps on “Lost In The Sauce” on a chopped beat that skips. The battle bar fury Sol rides on “Slow Synth” to its acapella end. The insights through the burner, “Kill The King,” where the mindset of savage violence is explored by Joey Dynomite, “at the start of the race I crawl from beneath the rock and a hard place/ through Jersey drive you outta your mind into a police car chase cause ain’t no “Peace God,” please God, I pack lead inside a cartridge that’s blow your Arm, Leg, Leg, Arm, Head off for starters/ keep it by my side like Nationwide/ my ride ain’t go no compartment/ take your shot and try/ before you die you’ll shit your undergarments / unaccomplished goals will eat away at your subconscious/ we the polished pros at this/ next to us you’re just a noviiiiiice.” Sol Zalez counters just as dynamically with, “I killed the king and left his jester to be his messenger/ until the rest of his wretched peasants/ testing isn’t the best for ya/ confess it/ I’m blessed bro/ dialed in on a high freq/ staying grateful/ that this plate full/ while I be smiling with a fly freak…” Aside from the extra ordinary display of dexterity and with throughout, the pinnacle may be with another supreme MC duo of this era of the Invisible Renaissance, who happen to be Boricua brothers from Jersey too, Dontique and CF of Billion Man Rebellion, on “Rusty Nils.” A song that would fit on either duo’s albums. Dontique builds, “tend to take shit for granted when your waters clean buildup leads to dollars seems like streams I need some too/ to change the pace of the wave you gonna need more than lean…” Sol Zalez witticisms overload with “The soul’s infinite/ the most leftist/ this is it/ whole different shit trippin’, papi/ don’t slip on the exquisiteness/ simplistic freshness, Taino write raw/ slumlord be all in your brain rent free like Yeah!’…” CF layers with, “The game is understaffed they on that mumble rapper bandwagon/ my rhetoric reflect a Treacherous Three new rap language/ crash landed in the wrong genre but the right hood…” Joey Dynomite ends this seminal song with the intensity it started with, “…No exception to the rule I’m bad to the bone mass/ center with folded hands my thoughts could control the forecast…” with a great speed up through “came to repossess the culture/ put your hopes and dreams to rest/ so slow your roll before you go for broke against a seasoned vet…” A definitive song that epitomizes the MCing excellence here.

Musically there is a great DJ feel from the Premo instrumental they flip on “Lost In The Sauce,” and the driving tempos built off arrangements surrounding and crowding the MCs as “Did That Shit,” “Witching Hour” and “Ugly. ”Funky basslines are a core throughout from the G funk’d long grumble bassline on “H.U.S.T.L.E.,” the digital growl bass notes on “Slow Synth,” or the blipping bass licks on “Urge.”  Diversity is built throughout from the smooth harp and bottom bass drum thumps of “Dimelo,” the live drum tracking on “Rusty Nils,” or the slow skip break on “Kill The King,” with a different approach to a very well known guitar lick.  When I see Joey and Sol, I let them know I got some of those classic Salsa crates. Here, there’s no snitching but to the engaged ear the sample game glides effortlessly merging the live horn work of classic Salsa to 60’s Boleros as on “S.O.C.K.S. (Eso Si Que Es)”  The skits literally frame the LP with the essence of a people that have fought to not merely keep, but exemplify the complexity of their identity from the “Intro” through the hilarious “Spanglish 101” porque that’s how we talk en la calle into the build on the New Jerusalem (what we Gods and Earths of the 5% Nation of Gods and Earths call New Jersey) that they rep through as Original people. 

These skits glue together the empowering theme of today’s Boricua reality of excellence, perseverance and vantage points that are all dealt with through La Ruta Natural with massive feats of mic techniques and an extremely live funk sound that mines and highlights the Black/indigenous diaspora of genres that Puerto Ricans expresse ourselves through.


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Art On Art is a collection of poetry and prose by Sunez, a Hip Hop writer/journalist/historian for over a quarter century. Back in 1995, in order to make his work an element of Hip Hop, Sunez realized the works covering, analyzing and presenting other artists also had to be creative themselves. They needed to be Art On Art! Thus, the Writer element in Hip Hop would be fully born in complete outright acknowledgement. Embedding poetry and prose into music reviews, features, interviews and any other journalistic coverage of all sorts, his work has become an element of Hip Hop. 

Art On Art: Creations That Born This Hip Hop Writer Element contains over 120 poems, songs and works of prose that are inspired by the hundreds of artists, albums and events Sunez has written on since the 2010s, the beginning of this era he named (in 2012), The Invisible Renaissance.  Here in Art On Art, those poems and prose are extracted and left standing alone so that Sunez’ Art on all this incredible Art is highlighted.

With an immaculate cover created by Pecue, one of the leading artist/designer and music producers of this era, the many themes, insights and realities that Sunez has lived and seen are represented in this wonderful work of art.

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THE REAL OF 2021 AND 2020



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