Zhigeist coverBy SUNEZ aka SkillastratorLO

I write with hands and feet
Speak qi as my chakra fleet.
I’m not a rapper. I really will build.
Punishment is when the soulful penitent man passes
Only to find the pestilent man posted
with soles on his knees ever paid
This world is plastered flat by #RespectFAKE
so the poor, righteous teacher,
is the man in magnificent debt.
Writing his history in advance
whether the planets revolve even or erred
Whether they eclipse the moon
or put his soul on ice
With weapons always favored
when the enemy’s dimensions seem endless
SWords, the sharpest tools that use ink to draw blood
Sacred Words cluster ideas into understanding,
Understanding muster into paragraphs of preparation,
And armies of verbatim become books bound.
Trumpets soar “Literatim!”
The illiterate only hear “Execute Them!”
before they’re trampled and let us lead them.
Who could write hymn?

Elzhi is a craftsman that rose out of the Dark Ages and has shined through this #InvisibleRenaissance. So invisible, that we still cannot find the worthy best LP debates between 2016’s Lead Poison, 2018’s Jericho Jackson (w/Khrysis) or 2020’s Seven Times Down Eight Times Up. Or that reviews for this album say Elzhi sits well with younger performers as —. Or that there is such little appreciation for MCing that it’s considered a niche and it’s owned by the very basic woke liberalism (not libertarian or revolutionary by any means) of —. You already. This build is for Elzhi who makes albums that have exceptional vitality and over the years never lose their marvel over these strange ones doctoring multiple streams of mad trash. 

Working with Georgia Anne Muldrow means that we are guaranteed a complete LP of stellar music steeped in the thickness of the bass groove with drums that are variegated and always placed in exciting ways in the mix. And Elzhi’s athletics are exceptional.  Zhigest doesn’t need a theme as it’s filled with lyrical schemes and no need for a reason because it’s filled with the rhyme. Over the course of any great MC’s work, the underlying theme of their persona is exalted in epic stature related as principles are actualized.

As we delve into the collection, the display of techniques, skill sets that merge into endless rhythms of melodies, we see the countless issues that Elzhi comments on deftly. The “Understanding/Understanding Reprise” is truly there as he has such a poetic sensibility, the most distinct word choice, the right moment of layering to let the internal rhyming carry the melody allowing for more ideas to be expounded and defeat the threats of didacticism that can arise. Never preachy as he keeps jumping into more sound textures, each and every kind it seems. From, “For weak minds drawing hustle imagery/ That made it hard to pull our strength from outta muscle memory/ Wе only thought we were sold and bought/ Thеy never taught the teachers how Jesus Christ has our features…” and the hopes of bettering fighting with more gorgeous rollercoastering into matching lettering, “Not putting’ poisons in my body takes discipline/ Meditating, reading’ books about nutrition, when/ You only can afford to get you a 4 for 4/ And can’t order more from off the menu, the corner store venue/ or the gas station robbery probably seem doable/ That nightmare right there makes the dream beautiful…” The word fill is only matched by Muldrow’s gorgeously vocals that have a crescendo of intensity on them and a thick bassline dressed with smashing piano notes as pinnacles of emotion. The live drum bounce and disco blips roll “Amnesia” through a skate rink where the battle bars lead to anthemic declarations of upliftment. Filled with cleverness (“I made the Devil who dwell in hell lie,” “It’s funny me making moves is the cause of your motion sickness”) and a breathless flow it actually can go unrecognized just as the deftness of Georgia Anne’s production. These are two artists with such a high level of expertise that their music has no mistakes and therefore so much consistency at a peak level that often only the astute listener understands this level is hard to sustain.

An LP where Elzhi builds with great concept techniques as he mulls over memories as he tells an intimate tale in third person (“Could you tell he lived where the convicts cater addiction?/ Across the street where they beefed out the latest friction/ Awoken by the aftermath so he lack sleep/ Trying to stay awake in your class as a black sheep/But really, he’s a G.O.A.T., and what he wrote/ on this track keep/ People wondering’ what did you smoke” – “Compassion”) and the endless flipping of “pro” on verse one (“I know some promoted propensity for violence/ That propel into projectiles, ‘causing moments of silence/ For something blown out of proportion”) and “con” on verse two, after a gorgeous beat accentuation where the bassdrum rumble is tougher, with an exceptional ending (“Every time someone’s convicted over commerce/ For not keeping they controversial lifestyle confidential/ They confiscated consolidated contraband/ Though, they were facing consequences/ How they were treated was unconstitutional by the congressman/ The courts held ’em in contempt, was not exempt to exile/ If that’s your contribution, there’s pros and cons to this shit” to share insights on “Pros And Cons.

An ideal Hip Hop album that demands rewind and steeps you in the addiction of the sharpness of the drum, the funkiness of the bassline growls and elegant vocals infused throughout, Elzhi continues to match every last great record with another one building one of the greatest pure MC catalogs that exist. 


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Sunez Allah Art on Art Layout frontArt On Art: 

Creations That Born This Hip Hop Writer Element

by Sunez aka #SkillastratorLO 

Art On Art is a collection of poetry and prose by Sunez, a Hip Hop writer/journalist/historian for over a quarter century. Back in 1995, in order to make his work an element of Hip Hop, Sunez realized the works covering, analyzing and presenting other artists also had to be creative themselves. They needed to be Art On Art! Thus, the Writer element in Hip Hop would be fully born in complete outright acknowledgement. Embedding poetry and prose into music reviews, features, interviews and any other journalistic coverage of all sorts, his work has become an element of Hip Hop. 

Art On Art: Creations That Born This Hip Hop Writer Element contains over 120 poems, songs and works of prose that are inspired by the hundreds of artists, albums and events Sunez has written on since the 2010s, the beginning of this era he named (in 2012), The Invisible Renaissance.  Here in Art On Art, those poems and prose are extracted and left standing alone so that Sunez’ Art on all this incredible Art is highlighted.

With an immaculate cover created by Pecue, one of the leading artist/designer and music producers of this era, the many themes, insights and realities that Sunez has lived and seen are represented in this wonderful work of art.

Sunez Allah Art on Art Layout final
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THE REAL OF 2021 AND 2020 Front Cover

THE REAL OF 2021 (AND 2020!)

by Sunez aka #SkillastratorLO 

Sunez’ annual REAL OF work is the ultimate analysis of the best musicians and artists in Hip Hop music today bracketed into a revolutionary new system of ciphers that categorize this entire musical universe.

In THE REAL OF 2021(AND 2020!) book, the following ciphers is the new innovative way to present the massive world of Hip Hop music this era the author has called The #InvisibleRenaissance (2010’s onward), has shown and still has not been completely seen. Instead of small or long lists of opinions judging the best, the presentation of this whole universe of great work into categories of styles, titles, truths and identities the artists fall into. They overlap consistently and the notations begin to cover all of the diversity. THE REAL OF 2021 (AND 2020!) proves the waste of so-called number one or top ten to top 50 album lists, often meant to promote the said media and legitimize pop acts, does not present the immense world of excellence, in bulk, that Hip Hop music is today. This is the start of the ONLY book series that will.

Real #ScienceOnMusic analysis:

Over 800 albums analyzed

Over 250 artists profiled

Over 400 pages total

Also includes the crate collector great @maxlo201 Top 200+ LP & 500+ verses of the year lists for 2021 (And 2020!)

This book is something only Sunez could write. Cover immaculately designed by the Almighty #Paragone @celestialproductions 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾


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THE REAL OF 2021 AND 2020



Sunez Allah aka #SkillastratorLO of the LO LIFES

The organization of these principles around a counterculture, an expressive arts of creation that uplifts the ideas and thoughts of an oppressed people, is why I’m an honored builder amongst legends, knighted by heroes of Medina (Rakim Supreme Shabazz Allah/Rudy Lo, Thirstin Howl the 3rd, Bonz Malone) to further create in my element as a Hip Hop Writer (creative author/principled journalist/honoring historian) of #ArtOnArt & #ScienceOnMusic. So the world may find love that locks in with the action of loyalty though they may never find another writer with my kind of grammar…


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Peace, Sunez Allah

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